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Jacuzzi - Cartridge Filter Parts - Sherlock


Below are the replacement parts for the Jacuzzi Sherlock and the associated models 80, 100, 120, 160 & 200

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Jacuzzi - Cartridge Filter Parts - Sherlock

  KeySKU / Part #NamePrice  
  1PTS-42367102RNUT SHERLOK FILTER88.99  
  2PTS-42367706RCOVER LATCH6.99  
  2PTS-42367706R10COVER LATCH (10 REQ'D)44.99  
  3PTS-39254701R50AIR BLEED VALVE W/O-RING 50PK204.99  
  4PTS-47010608RO-RG 3/16x3/8x3/32 B-N1.99  
  5PTS-91934182RPRESSURE GAUGE 0-60PSI24.99  
  6PTS-42285205RLID COVER LS,CFR.70.99  
  6PTS-42299800RLID COVER LS,CFR.104.99  
  6PTS-42361000RCOVER SHER160/AV80176.99  
  6PTS-42361101RCOVER SHER200/AV100209.99  
  7PTS-47038047RO-RG 11x11-7/8x3/1621.99  
  9PTS-42294603RDIRT CTHR ASSY 80 FT124.99  
  9PTS-42294702RDIRT CTHR ASSY 120FT156.99  
  9PTS-42373902RSHER 160 DIRT CATCHER176.99  
  9PTS-42374009RSHER 200 DIRT CATCHER173.99  
  10PTS-42367300RSHERLOK 2 FILTER BODY250.99  
  10PTS-42366200RSHERLOCK BODY 1 NPT CONNECT243.99  
  11PTS-47022801RO-RING 2"2.99  
  12PTS-43309202RPLUG 2" W/ O-RING10.99  
  12PTS-43309103RPLUG 1 W/O-RING10.99  
  13PTS-42372417KANCHER KIT6.99  

A consolidated list of the replacement parts for the Jacuzzi Sherlock and the associated models 80, 100, 120, 160 & 200. If you're having trouble finding the parts you need, feel free to reach out to one of our representatives in the contact section below.



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Jacuzzi - Cartridge Filter Parts - Sherlock

SKU / Part #NamePrice  

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Samanta J.

6 days ago

Good, perfect size

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John Doe

5 days ago

Very good

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