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Polaris Alpha IQ Plus+ Robotic Cleaner



Ushering in the next evolution of intelligent robotic pool cleaners is the Polaris Alpha iQ Plus+ Robotic Cleaner which works to provide strategic cleaning for a brilliantly clean pool you can clearly see.


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Trust The Polaris Alpha iQ Plus+ Robotic Cleaner For A Smarter Way To Clean!

Ushering in the next evolution of intelligent robotic pool cleaners is the Polaris Alpha iQ Plus+ Robotic Cleaner that works to provide strategic cleaning for a brilliantly clean pool you can clearly see. Offering the ultimate customized cleaning solution with SMART Cycle functionality that learns your pool, the Polaris Alpha iQ Plus+ Robotic Cleaner calculates the most efficient amount of time to eliminate debris while collecting data to make automatic adjustments as it cleans. Information is then sent to your iAquaLink app, where you have full access and greater capabilities including, monitoring cleaning status, checking the water temperature and even spot cleaning targeted areas of your pool.



  • SMART Cycle Cleaning Mode – Calculates optimal cleaning time
  • Deliberate Navigation – On-purpose patterns scan and measure pool
  • Sensor Nav System – Adjusts and adapts cleaning to pool
  • Enhanced Scheduling – Easily schedule recurring cleaning cycles with advanced options
  • Remote Control with Targeted Spot Cleaning – In-app remote lets you guide the cleaner; Spot Cleaning mode provides targeted cleaning of trouble spots
  • Temperature Display – Conveniently check your pool water temperature
  • Evolving Intelligence – Receives automatic performance updates via your home’s Wi-Fi connection
  • Large Illuminated Debris Canister – Easy to access, large, lighted debris canister with transparent window
  • Powerful Performance – Vortex Vacuum technology and 4WD agility and an extra-long 70' cable with tangle-reducing swivel
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes – 7 different cleaning cycles, including waterline only for a customized clean
  • Patented Easy Lift Removal System – Retrieve at the waterline. Water evacuates for lightweight removal
  • Never Touch Debris Again – Simply remove the canister, shake, and spray away debris

Product Specifications:

  • Wi-Fi App Connectivity: Full-Featured iAquaLink Control
  • Connection: 70' Double-Insulated Floating Cable with Tangle-Reducing Swivel
  • Filtration Method: Illuminated Extra-Large All-Purpose Filter Canister
  • Remote Control: In-App with Targeted Spot Cleaning Action
  • Cleaning Modes: SMART Cycle, Quick Clean, Deep Clean, Waterline Only, and Custom Modes
  • Cleaning Schedules: Schedule Recurring Programming
  • Dirty Canister Indicator: In-App and On Control Box
  • Drive: 4WD Navigates Obstacles
  • Vacuum Technology: VortexEasy Lift In-app and on Control Box
  • Active Scrubbing: Dynamic Bladed Brushes
  • Transport and Storage: Powder-Coated Alloy Caddy (Included)
  • Pool Cleaner Dimensions: 17" W x 12" H x 19" D
  • Caddy Dimensions: 19" W x 38" H x 19.5" D
  • Cleaner Weight: 22 Lbs. without CaddyPower
  • Supply Output: 30 V DC / Input: 120 V – 60 Hz
  • Maximum Pool Size: Up to 60'
  • Pool Types: Inground pools
  • Pool Shape: All Shapes
  • Pool Surface: All Inground Pool Surfaces
  • Surface Cleaning Ability: Pool Floors, Walls, Waterline



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Good, perfect size

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John Doe

5 days ago

Very good

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