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Benefits Of A Salt System

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Gone are the days of throwing buckets of chemicals in your pool and working tirelessly to balance the water in that perfect sweet spot. We’ve seen the trend switch from more traditional sanitation systems like chlorine systems and bromine systems, to the new and improved salt water sanitation systems. We’ll breakdown some of the benefits you’ll receive from a salt water system to let you decide what type of system you think would be best for keeping your pool sparkling clean all summer long.  

Safer to Swim In

Salt water pools have been booming over the past few years, and one of the main factors for this is the safety. With traditional sanitation systems like chlorine or bromine, it’s easy to over sanitize (or shock) your pool, and with guests always eager to beat the heat and hop in the pool, you run the risk of chlorine burns which aren’t fun for anyone. With salt systems you don’t have to worry because adding too much salt just makes your water taste salty!
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Consistent Sanitation

With a salt sanitation system, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a more consistent sanitation system as the salt cell itself is responsible for creating its own chlorine to sanitize the water. Chlorine in a salt pool? Yes! Unlike a chlorine system, where chlorine has to be handled and added manually, salt systems regenerate natural chlorine to provide a safe and balanced system.

More Comfort When Swimming

You’ve probably noticed that a swim in the ocean leaves you feeling a lot different than swimming in a chlorine pool. With a chlorine pool you may be left with an itchy feeling, potentially red eyes and depending on the water balance even discoloured hair. But with a regularly maintained salt water pool you won’t have any of these symptoms. You’ll notice the difference in your eyes especially as the salt in the pool water is closer to the natural salinity in your eyes making it a more gradual transition of water meeting the eye.

Spend Less On Additional Chemicals

Once you’ve added your salt to your pool for the season, chances are, you won’t have to add any more. The only time you’ll need to replenish the salt will be after a hard rainfall where the water balance may have skewed, water that is splashed outside of the pool making you have to refill and re-balance, or when backwashing, which again you’ll need to refill and re-balance. You won’t need to constantly handle chlorine or worry about getting it on your clothes as the salt system produces its own natural chlorine.
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No More Chlorine Smell

Thanks to the natural chlorine regeneration process, you no longer have to worry about keeping buckets or chlorine on hand, or having to actually handle the chlorine. And without the traditional chlorine product on hand, you won’t have that overwhelming chorine smell to worry about!

Saves You Time

Salt water pools require less maintenance to alleviate traditional harms like algae, because algae does not grow as quickly in salt water pools thanks to the low stabilizer levels. The water is naturally transformed from salt to chlorine saving you time  by not having to constantly check on the water sanitation. These are just a few of the primary benefits to having a salt water pool. In the end, the decision comes down to how you plan to use your pool, the overall maintenance you want, and the feel you want to achieve when you first walk in. We carry a selection of Chlorine, Bromine, Ozone, UV, and Salt Systems to provide you with all the options for keeping your pool clean. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff are here to help you make the right choice for your unique backyard oasis. Happy swimming!  

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