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Buying A Home With A Pool

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Many people opt for houses that have pools when house shopping because not only do pools add value to the home, they add fun and relaxation as well. People who host a lot of get togethers utilize pools as an entertainment center, and children often enjoy splashing around in them with friends. Pools provide an easy way to instantly cool down on hot summer days and nights. Some people use swimming pools exclusively for in-water exercises as pools are known to provide fitness and health benefits. One can see that swimming pools provide benefits to both home value and lifestyle. Before purchasing a home with a pool, there are a few key factors that we'd like you to learn beforehand.

buying a house with a pool

Ask The Professionals!

Before you move to your new property, seek expert advice from a certified home inspector and as well as a pool professional.  You need to know the condition of the property, and pool, that you are considering buying.  You don’t want to find any unpleasant surprises once you’ve already closed on the house, like having to invest extra money in indoor or outdoor repairs.

Home inspectors can carry out a general review of the structure and offer valuable opinions and advice.  It is typically worthwhile to have a pool expert inspect the pool’s structure and equipment. If any repairs are needed, you will be provided with a list and most often a quote of all of the repairs that the pool needs. This quote can then be used to help negotiate the price of your perspective home and in turn can save you thousands on any needed repairs.

Service Tests Are Critical!

It is possible to find water leakage in swimming pools due to cracks in the foundation or chipped pipes; especially in older pools.  To avoid repair costs, it is essential to have a pool service expert out to your potential home before it.

If the pool was built recently, check whether the pool builder’s warranty is still in effect, and how long the warranty has remaining.  Request a water utility bill from last summer to verify if the water consumption is reasonable or excessive. Remember, you want to buy a pool with a sealed foundation, not a pool that will drain water rapidly because your wallet will end up draining too.

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Pumps, Filters & Heaters, Oh My!

You should pay particular attention to the pool's pump and filter system; they are the power system of your pool.  Remember, this maintenance equipment helps to keep the pool water clean, purified and safe for swimming. If the system is not well maintained, it can cause problems in the long run. The better shape your equipment is in, the longer your pool's longevity is.

Sanitation Systems Are Key!

Nowadays, sanitation systems are increasingly common to find in pools in order to help regulate the amount of chlorine. If you plan to purchase a home with a swimming pool, we recommend that you request information on the date of installation, if this system works correctly and, most importantly, if there are any spare parts available. Having a spare part that you can use at a moment's notice is not only convenient, it is both smart and efficient.

Examine Your Pool's Features!

Your future pool can have everything from a water heater, water cooler, water jets, hydro-massage equipment, sheer descent water fountain, cascades, a home automation system, and more.

It is an attractive look, but please ensure that everything is working correctly. You will have the upper hand in renegotiating the purchase price if you have a handle of what repairs need to be done; if there are any.

If the home's previous owners were not caring for their backyard oasis, it could be a source of possible health problems for you.  The rest of the tips we are offering will guide you to prevent future problems and illnesses to your family and guests.

buying a home with a pool

Empty & Clean It, Properly!

Do you have an idea of how the previous home owners maintained their pool?  Did they give you an orientation on how they took care of their pool? When in doubt, take the proper precautions.  Avoid any health issues by regularly cleaning and checking the swimming pool’s chemical levels.

If a pool has not been properly cleaned and maintained, you may need to drain the water out and use the appropriate products to clean the pool walls.

Another point of location of fungi and bacteria are the entries and the coping.  Take necessary precaution by cleaning them well with high quality products. Do not cheap out on your pool chemicals ever! Some chemicals contain certain detergents that can cause damage or, they may not have enough chemical content! Also read your labels and when in doubt, please ask a pool expert!

Check For Cracks & Damages!

After you clean your pool, ensure that there are no cracks or crevices.  These are not only a way for the water to escape but they can also become a breeding area for fungi and algae.

You should call a pool professional to do the job properly if you are not an experienced pool owner. Experts will know the best products to use to ensure that your repairs will last a long time.

Change The Filter Cartridges!

All water impurities (dust, hair, organic matter, etc.) pass through the filter, where they can remain for a long time.  As well as you do with cleaning the pool’s walls, the best way to keep your pool’s water clean is to change all of the filter cartridges and perform a thorough cleaning of the filter casing. This is also beneficial for peace of mind! With a new filter cartridge, you can be sure that any bodily remnants from the previous owners are long gone.

Hyperchlorination Is Important!

Let a service professional "shock the system" to eliminate all possible bacteria that has accumulated in the pool’s pipes.  Wait a few days following the hyperchlorination, and then test the water to ensure proper chemical balance has been achieved.

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Pool Maintenance & Helpful Advice!

We advise all of our customers to regularly clean and maintain their swimming pools, as doing so will help save you money in the long run and ensure that your pool is safe for swimming in!

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