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The Freshwater Salt System

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The All New Salt Water System

As the weather begins to warm up, many are eager to fire up their Hot Tubs again. Upon opening their Hot Tubs, they soon come to realize that they are in need of some serious TLC. With the new Freshwater system, this process doesn’t have to be so painful. And by painful we mean, expensive, tedious, and time-consuming. Salt to Chlorine systems have been around for a while, but never in such simplicity and in Hot Tubs nonetheless. So, do yourself a favour in more ways than one and invest in something more practical, Freshwater.

What Is The FreshWater Salt System?

Introducing the Freshwater Salt system! Now available on select HotSpring and Caldera Spas. We understand that one of the main concerns for spa owners is taking care of their water properly to ensure a satisfying experience that lasts. What the Freshwater system offers is the ability to spend more time relaxing in your spa and less time maintaining it.

What makes this product stand out in the industry is that it uses salt to create the chlorine required to clean the water. Why this is so special is because you are able to achieve that same level of water quality in your Hot Tub without the need for strong chemicals. Gone are the days of harsh-smelling odours and expensive maintenance costs.

With the Freshwater system, you reduce the number of times you will need to drain your Hot Tub and waste copious amounts of water. All you need to do is change the disposable cartridge every 4 months, meaning, for a full year of clean water only three cartridge replacements are necessary. The growing need to protect our planet and its natural resources has inspired this revolution in Hot Tub maintenance and you receive the additional benefit of reduced cost of ownership for you and your Hot Tub. It’s easy on your skin and on nature.

How It Works

Salt systems are actually chlorine generators at their foundation. Using a process called electrolysis, electricity is sent through the saltwater in a process called shocking, which then interacts with the Chloride-Ion in the salt. This in turn creates chlorine in the water providing the same outcome in water quality as other more chemical-heavy alternatives.

There is a control panel that can be used to clean the water based on your usage needs. The panel will prompt you to test the water with special strips every 10 days to make adjustments if they are necessary. It will also inform you when the system needs attention and will provide you with the necessary actions to take from then on.

The Right Salt Water Hot Tub For You

Explore our various collections of Hot Tubs to find out which Salt Water Hot Tub is right for you and your needs. There are many different combinations of seating, jet quantity, water capacity, and accessories to choose from. Feel free to reach out to one of our representatives to learn more about the Fresh Water system or to inquire about any of your Hot Tub needs.

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