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Hot Tub Yoga

Fun Stuff - Hot Tub

Hot Tub Yoga is quickly becoming a new form of relaxation, meditation, and over all beneficial method of improving your overall health at any age. The following program shows various yoga poses that can be done in a spa. We’ve also provided brief descriptions on how to perform the yoga position and its level of difficulty varying from beginner, intermediate and advanced. Namaste.

begin with a warm up

Like any workout, you want to start with a nice and easy warm up to get the blood flowing and get your heart rate elevated. Begin you get into the hot tub, do some light jogging on the spot and some stretching to loosen up your muscles.

the wave

Stand in the center of the hot tub with your feet shoulder width apart.

Keep your right arm against your side as you raise your left arm over your head and to the right while kicking your hip left, creating the letter C with your body.

Lower your arm and repeat on the other side.

the cliffhanger

Pick a seat and sit on the very edge keeping your hands beside you for balance

Straighten your back and lift your half bent legs towards your chest.

Once your knees are parallel with the water, straighten your arms horizontally to be in line with your legs and hold.

beginner poses

Hottub Yoga - Half Moon Pose

half moon pose

Stand in the middle of your hot tub and place both hands on the small of your back.

Arch your back creating a C shape while focusing on pushing out your chest.

As you reach a comfortable arch, try to touch your elbows together to really feel the pose.

Keep your balance and don’t fall over!

Hottub Yoga - Clock Pose

clock pose

Stand in the center of your hot tub with your feet shoulder width apart.

Hold both of your arms out straight and together in front of you horizontally.

Twist to the left using only your torso, not your pelvis.

Once you reach your break point, twist back to starting position and repeat on your right side

intermediate poses

Hottub Yoga - Grab Pose

squatting jack pose

Start by standing in the center of your hot tub with your feet shoulder width apart and stretch your arms out to either side holding your palms face up.

Bend your knees and begin to squat, while raising your arms above your head to touch your palms together pointing towards the sky.

As you begin to come out of the squat and move into a standing position, slowly lower your arms putting them back into starting position with your palms facing up.

Hottub Yoga - tree Pose

tree pose

Begin by standing in the center of your hot tub.

Raise both of your hands above your head and touch your palms together reaching as high as you can towards the sky.

Lift your left leg and place the bottom of your foot on the inside of your right thigh with your toes pointing towards the ground. Hold.

Lower your left leg and repeat by raising your right leg.

advanced poses

Hottub Yoga - Pretzel Pose

pretzel pose

Stand in the center of your hot tub with your knees slightly bent.

Reach your arms out to each side and bend upwards 90 degrees. Bring your arms together and overlap your left elbow over your right elbow and touch the backs of your hands together.

Lift your right leg and place the top of your foot on the back of your lower left calf. Hold and release.

Repeat with your left leg over right leg and right elbow overlapping left elbow.

Hottub Yoga - Crab Pose

Crab pose

Place your left foot on the edge of a seat and your right leg on the edge of a seat directly across from your left leg. You should now be standing on the edge of the seats.

Touch the palms of your hands in front of you pointing towards the sky and being to slowly squat down while keeping your back straight.

Hold and then stand back up. Please be careful with this pose!

Hottub Yoga - Grab Pose

cold feet pose

Stand up straight in the center of your hot tub. Lift your left leg and grab your toes with your left hand.

Extend your left leg out of the water while holding your foot.

Turn your head to the right and breath deeply with your right arm of your right hip.

Lower your left leg and repeat on the other side with your right leg.

Hottub Yoga - tree Pose

V pose

Sit on the edge of one of your seats.

Bring your knees in towards your chest and grab your left toes with your left hand and right toes with right hand.

Slowly extend legs up straight out of the water while holding your toes and keeping your back straight.

Be mindful of your balance.

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