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Best Hot Tub 2023!

You put a lot of effort into creating a good life for your family and yourself. Spending quality time with your loved ones on a regular basis, without too many interruptions, is necessary to forging a strong sense of connection.

With today’s busy families, how do you establish a schedule that everyone will enjoy?

Everyone in your home can take a rejuvenating soak together and feel vitality that helps them perform at their best when you have a Hot Spring spa. Check out our best selling Hot Tub collections;

Envoy 5 Person Hot Tub - HotSpring – Highlife

The HotSpring Highlife Envoy hot tub delivers outstanding performance and ultimate relaxation in the peace and quiet of your very own backyard. With 43 JETS, including the Moto-Massage DX jet, and two 2.0 Horsepower Jet Pumps are included in the Envoy, and they all work together to target stress in your back, shoulders, hips, and calves.

The cozy lounger seat comes with Targeted Foot Jets and a headrest cushion. This is the perfect spa to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit because the two corner seats have been ergonomically constructed to target numerous different muscle areas. With several foam layers that help to trap heat and the Smart Jet System, which lets you just power the desired jets, you can save energy.

Overall, the Hot Spring Envoy is a high-end, luxury hot tub that offers a range of features and options to make your hot tub experience as enjoyable as possible.





Vanguard 6 Person Hot Tub - HotSpring – Highlife

Introducing the Vanguard, a brand-new redesign from Hot Spring Spas' Highlife line. The Vanguard combines MotoMassage, SoothingStream, JetStream, Precision, and a huge assortment of Directional Hydromassage jets, offering significant breakthroughs in hydrotherapy and relaxation methods.

Bronze, Driftwood, Brushed Nickel, Sandstone, Shale, or Walnut are among the cabinet options that are offered. The ability of this spa to deliver better water, greater energy, and better massage is one of its best qualities.

The Vanguard offers an unrivalled hot tub experience since it was built with the highest standards of quality and performance and is supported by one of the best hot tub and spa manufacturers in the world.





Flair 6 Person Hot Tub – HotSpring - Limelight

The old has to go to make room for the new! Introducing the Hot Springs Limelight Collection's new Flair Hot Tub Model. Equipped with 43 JETS that are designed precisely to target your body's sensitive places for your comfort and pleasure. Enjoy this luxury with your loved ones and friends because there is plenty of room on the Flair. Enjoy this 6-SEAT Hot Tub to unwind after dinner with friends or indulge on a quiet night to yourself. It's always a win-win situation, no matter what!

The Flair Hot Tub's full Compatibility with The Freshwater Salt Water System is one of its best qualities. In addition to making your skin feel smooth and rejuvenated, saltwater hot tubs are fantastic for assisting in the relaxation of tense muscles. Now put this together with the well-known jets from Hot Springs, and you have a formula for a real therapeutic treatment that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, the relaxing water features and multi-color lighting will produce a really retreat-like atmosphere.



Makena 6 Person Hot Tub – Caldera – Paradise

The Caldera Paradise Makena hot tub offers all the convenience and serenity of a spa right in your own backyard. A total of 46 jets are included in this full-sized lounge spa, giving each seat a special therapeutic relaxation. Your family and friends will be able to enjoy the various seat designs with seating for 6, including standard upright seats and the lounge seat with specific jet placements designed to relieve your calves and feet after a long day.

With twelve multi-color points of light that illuminate the region at night and create a calming atmosphere for maximum relaxation allow The Makena to highlight its magnificence. To safely immerse yourself in the calming atmosphere, use the illuminated help bar next to the control panel.



Salina 7 Person Hot Tub – Caldera – Paradise

The Caldera Paradise Salina is the epitome of Paradise at Home. Family and friends can join in on the fun in this large 7 Person Hot Tub during a relaxed gathering at home, or you can enjoy it as your own private refuge whenever the whim strikes. The hot tub is surrounded by a grouping of 40 JETS that work together to generate a power-packed massage machine that may ease stiff and worn-out muscles.

The Salina is a great choice for gatherings because it has 7 upright chairs that make sure everyone is involved in the conversation. Use the stunning ACQUARELLA WATERFALL feature to cascade water into the hot tub's centre, creating a magical focal point and calming sound.

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With over 50 years of experience, it's safe to say We Know Hot Tubs. In fact, we offer a wide selection of Plug-N-Play and hardwired models and exclusively carry the Watkins family of brands including HotSpring Spas, Hotspot, Caldera, Endless Pool and Fantasy Spas.

The quality you can guarantee doesn't end at your purchase. As a result, our dedicated technicians and support staff are available every step of the way. Our reputation for outstanding customer service is certainly worth bragging about. To top it all off, your new hot tub comes with a warranty from the world's leading manufacturer.

So, whether you're a first-time buyer or replacing an old tub, you've come to the right place.


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