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Outdoor Hot Tub Design Ideas

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Utopia Avante™ cabinet is designed to fit with a wide range of home architecture designs. There’s no one dominant design line. Rather, it adapts to its environment.

The cabinet is transformative in its design and unlike any other spa cabinet you’ll see. Beautiful from the showroom floor, but maybe you’re having trouble picturing the spa in your backyard.

Is the traditional wood siding on a hot tub too limiting for your design vision?

Get all the wellness benefits of adding a hot tub to your backyard space without sacrificing on your design style.

Cape Cod Living


Cape Cod Living

After a summer league scrimmage on the ice, it’s time to restore your muscles, feel renewed and prepare for a restful night’s sleep. With the help of your own personal Caldera® hydrotherapy spa, you have a leg up on your hockey buddies and can repair sore muscles in comfort. Watch the sun dip below the horizon in your Utopia® Series spa and enjoy a rejuvenating experience.

Architectural Design

Cape Cods originated in the 17th century and remain a popular, affordable architectural style, especially in the New England housing market. Capes are easy to pick out; their pitched gabled roof lines, wooden shutters, and clapboard exteriors are signature elements. Cedar shake shingled homes abound from Maine to Narragansett Bay for their beach appeal and comfortable, rustic beauty.

Why Utopia® Series Hot Tubs Complement Cape Cod Homes

Just as builders source materials to protect against New England’s notoriously stormy weather, Caldera created an enduring spa cabinet that will hold up to harsh winters. The Avante™ all-climate cabinetry shown here in Sand with an Arctic White spa shell, complements a beach-themed color palette. The Utopia® Avante™ cabinet is made of a special composite material that is so durable it won’t crack, split, or chip.

Craftsman Living


Craftsman Living

You’re the type who always notices and appreciates the charm, character and fine workmanship of elements that surround you. It’s no surprise that your home-of-choice demonstrates a reverence for well-crafted design. The Utopia Series spa will satisfy your attention to detail as you build a thoughtfully designed backyard retreat. Consistent style is a forgone conclusion. Your new spa (and improved healthy lifestyle) awaits.

Architectural Design

Born from a movement to revive artisanal craftsmanship, the Craftsman, Bungalow, Arts and Crafts, and Mission styles influenced architecture, interior and landscape design. High standards of this home style encourage order, close observation between an object’s form and its use, and the harmonizing effect of décor.

Design elements for these homes include low-pitched roofs supported by square columns, the use of mixed materials, and balanced proportions. Simplicity of form, use of natural materials, and obvious next-level handicraft are the source of intrigue for enthusiasts.

These homes were originally built to serve an expanding middle class, and have grown to be owned and appreciated by many people from all walks of life.

An abundance of these homes are historically significant and represent the value of practiced, artistic work.

How Utopia® Series Hot Tubs Complement Craftsman, Bungalow, Arts and Crafts, Mission Style Homes

If you are the lucky owner of one of these popular home styles then you will appreciate the symmetrical proportions of the Utopia Series Spas. The clean and ordered lines of the spa’s cabinetry provide a consistent aesthetic to the surrounding architecture and décor.

Look inside the hot tub and see the simplicity of design and function in the seating and jet configuration. Look even closer and see the workmanship that makes every Caldera® Spas one of the top hot tub brands in the world.

The cabinetry seen here in Brownstone ties in nicely with the home and a mix of materials including: the two-toned wood deck, pergola, metal gate accents, and stone pilasters. The teak chairs and cocktail table complete the look. Cheers!

Mediterranean Living


Mediterranean Living

As the ceiling fans turns in your hacienda you may be thinking of dancers in white linen, and drinking sangria. The Mediterranean style is known for relaxed evenings and enjoying the company of others. What better way to do that, and enjoy increased health benefits than to include a Caldera Spas hydrotherapy hot tub. Join the dance today.

Architectural Design

Influences from Spain, Italy and Portugal are prominent in Mediterranean style homes. Many of these homes are found in warm weather climates like Arizona, California, Texas, Nevada, and Florida although the appeal reaches much further.

The look is desired by many who have an appreciation for red-tiled roofs, balconies, arched windows and doorways, courtyards and patios paved with terracotta tiles, substantial, dark wood doors and ornamental iron fixtures.

These homes portray a composite of cultural influences that create a relaxed, easy-living experience. Water features add a cooling effect to backyards, courtyards and patios.

How Utopia® Series Hot Tubs Complement Mediterranean Homes

The rich color of the Avante all-climate cabinet seen here in Brownstone compliments the tones of the terracotta tile and neutral adobe hues of the home. The sculptured cabinet siding provides symmetry while aligning with the arched windows and doorways. A cohesive aesthetic is attained.

Your Utopia Series Spa is part of your overall design that becomes the focal point of your backyard. Place sturdy wrought iron furniture with vibrant, comfortable seat cushions, and succulent greenery in your spa area to make it complete.

If the summer sun is too much, add a patio cover or other shade-giving element to the space. The Caldera® Spas CoolZone™ Hot Tub Cooling System is a perfect addition to make your hot tub a cool-water escape by day and a hot tub by night.

Contemporary Living


Contemporary Living

The noise of the day interferes with optimal health. Contemporary architecture is free of clutter and confusion. You gravitate toward design elements that allow you to breathe, and foster a clear heart and mind. The setting is perfect for the sleek lines of your personal Caldera hydrotherapy spa. Picture yourself immersed in the warm water, letting go of stress and returning to a balanced state in your own private escape. Your home reflects your lifestyle – Utopia Series hot tub required.

Architectural Design

Today’s contemporary homes satisfy the desire for ample entertaining space, especially outdoors. Streamlined architectural elements promote a clean and simple vibe beaming with modern-day sophistication.

Pairing natural materials with metals, and ceramics helps showcase exteriors and interior spaces alike. The views from inside-out are just as spectacular as outside-in.

Many contemporary homes appeal to those who enjoy items of artistic expression. They are worthy of display and are never tucked away out of view.

How Utopia® Series Hot Tubs Complement Contemporary Homes

The clean, symmetrical lines of a Utopia Series Spa allow it to fit seamlessly within a contemporary design plan. Your spa possesses the stand-alone beauty to be a backyard focal point.

The sculptural detail of the cabinet siding seen here in Slate fits with the home’s reclaimed wood accented with vibrant color. Exterior lighting on the Utopia Series Spa also adds its own punch of color.

Sling-back chairs and a simple, defined dining table add functionality to your space without distracting from your contemporary motif.

Cottage Living


Cottage Living

You may or may not get up at the break of dawn to feed the animals, bail hay and work the land. Hard work comes in many forms in our modern lives. As the sun rises and sets, the notion of beginning and ending your day with a rejuvenating experience in your own personal Caldera Spas Utopia® Series hydrotherapy spa is appealing and very much within reach.

Architectural Design

Farmhouse style sprung from necessity for those working the land and enjoying its bounty. Today’s versions include the farmhouse cottage style that pairs homespun charm and sophistication, often in a smaller footprint.

While covered front porches, wood siding, peaked roofs and natural stone adorn the exteriors, the comfortable, informal style carries across the materials, fixtures and décor of the home and straight into the backyard.

Once confined to farming states at its origins, this style’s popularity now crosses all state lines and melds with other architectural elements including modern, traditional, southern and even industrial.

How Utopia® Series Hot Tubs Complement Farmhouse Cottage Homes

Neutral cabinet colors such as Slate shown here on the Avante™ all-climate cabinet blend with the surrounding gray tones of the hardscape and furniture. Brownstone and Sand are also color options if your natural stone expresses more gold, red or blue undertones. All elements provide a cohesive, eye-pleasing connection to the farmhouse cottage style.

Note the way the horizontal and vertical lines of the spa call just the right amount of attention to the spa without distracting from the overall visual presentation of the farmhouse cottage. The lines work with the style not against it.

Whether your farmhouse cottage is located in the south, north, east or west, The Avante all-climate cabinetry shown here withstands harsh winters and the blazing summer sun. The special composite material will not chip, split or crack.

Ranch Living


Ranch Living

You may or may not be wrangling cows at your Ranch style home. Luckily for some, the style does not require it. Any work you do at home or away results in a need to find relaxation and rejuvenation. A Utopia Series spa possesses elements that are conducive to creating a Ranch style oasis. Imagine yourself rounding up the entire family for outdoor activities that help you renew, restore and reconnect. Your own personal Caldera Spa will make that happen.

Architectural Design

The Ranch style home is common in the Southwest region of the United States with rustic roots dating back to North American Spanish colonial architecture. Their popularity grew during the post-World War II real estate boom that found the middle class in need of well-constructed homes.

They are recognizable by their long, low profiles, gabled roofs, wood siding, and brick and stucco charm. Square or diamond shaped windows front the homes and sliding glass doors open onto backyards and courtyards.

Today the style holds the attention of Baby Boomers and younger generations. Many of these small and larger homes have lost their purest tones and elements. But many people are returning these Ranch homes to their original glory.

How Utopia® Series Hot Tubs Complement Ranch Homes

The Ranch style of architecture leans toward simplicity when it comes to ornamentation, and so do the Utopia Series Spas. The profile of the spa and sculptured cabinet siding find harmony with the shape and lines of the Ranch aesthetic.

The color versatility of the Avante all-climate cabinetry available in Sand, Slate and shown here in Brownstone complements all natural wood tones. The use of wood decking adds dimension by integrating raised levels that maintain the long and low feel of a Ranch Style home.

The view from inside any large sliding glass window tells you the Utopia Series hot tub has the stand-alone beauty to be the focal point of your backyard design project.

Mid-Century Living


Mid-Century Living

Whether you study the masters or simply appreciate the by-gone era of the 1950s and 60s, design holds a special place in your life. The Utopia Series Spas have been created with you in mind. The TV show, Madmen might be over but you can still add coolness to your Mid-Century Modern oasis by integrating your own personal Caldera hydrotherapy spa. The look will stand the test of time.

Architectural Design

A need to produce affordable housing inspired master architects such as Neutra, Wexler, Krisel, and Kaptur. But, what they produced was timeless architecture, and an ever-growing group of enthusiasts.

The concept of bringing the outside in is the essence of Mid-Century Modern architecture. Floor-to-ceiling windows are signature to the design style. Outdoor elements are just as vital as the interior elements of any midcentury modern home.

The use of geometric shapes, dramatically pitched rooflines, and stone wall facades create visual balance. The lines are clean and linear throughout the interiors, exteriors and surrounding landscapes.

How Utopia® Series Hot Tubs Complement Mid-Century Modern Homes

Appreciation for clean lines and visual simplicity make the Utopia Series Spas ideal for the midcentury modern motif. It creates natural, harmonious appeal with its simple and ordered cabinetry seen here in Sand with Arctic White interior.

The common use of squares and geometric shapes in midcentury modern design make the profile of the Caldera hydrotherapy spa conducive to being placed as a focal point, or a contributor to the larger design plan.

While standing inside the home your eye is drawn outside to the beauty of the spa and how easily it commingles with the bring-the-inside-out principle of this iconic home style.

Cityscape Townhouse Living


Cityscape Townhouse Living

You are no stranger to the rumbles of trains and noise rising above the city. In fact, when you’re away from it you can’t sleep. The beauty of living in a big city is that everything you need is close by including work, food and entertainment. Your own personal Utopia Series spa could be exactly what you need to complete the equation for a good time and improved health. Imagine yourself sitting in the warm healing water of your hot tub watching the sun set behind the buildings that populate the skyline. Raise your glass and toast to another fantastic day in the city. Don’t forget to invite the neighbor.

Architectural Design

Space is at a premium in large cities like Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. This demands architecture that incorporates an effective use of space. Cityscape Townhouses were developed with these concepts in mind.

Whether the townhouse is new construction or a historic, yet newly renovated dwelling these homes provide a unique living experience. Outdoor spaces reflect the nature and feel of the adjoining structures. They may be modern, traditional or somewhere in between.

Cityscape Townhouses provide an oasis above the noise and bustle of the city. The skyline provides the backdrop for every outdoor occasion.

How Utopia® Series Hot Tubs Complement Cityscape Townhouse Homes

Efficient use of space is evident with the Utopia Series hot tubs. This impeccably designed spa is self-contained and provides a luxurious experience in a very small space.

The clean lines of the spa and sculpted cabinet siding provide a sleek design that can be dressed up or dressed down for any night out in the city.

The Avante™ all-climate cabinet color seen here in Slate compliments the natural woods of the deck and adjoining metal beams and opaque glass. The Arctic White interior creates a visually stunning display of clean, clear water.

Contemporary Coastal Living


Contemporary Coastal Living

Your appreciation for the outdoors and living close to nature are guiding principles for life. How else could you explain your tendency to stop your car along the road just to pick wild blackberries? Sure, you love a sunny day but also value a cool, temperate climate that yields an abundance of ever-present greenery. After a day spent enjoying an adventure your Caldera® Series hydrotherapy spa is there to add health and wellbeing to your day. Let the warm healing waters sooth, restore and take the chill of the day away.

Architectural Design

Certain types of architecture are driven by practicality. Living in the Pacific Northwest near the coast of Oregon or along a river or lake in Washington warrants a reverence toward weather conditions.

Contemporary Coastal architecture functions to provide shelter from the climate and to showcase the natural beauty surrounding the home. Large south-facing windows welcome light into the home when sunshine may be in short supply.

Box-shaped structures keep the design simple. The use of wood is common on facades along with stucco fashioned to look like concrete. The design is environmentally aware and blends nicely among trees near oceans, lakes and rivers.

How Utopia® Series Hot Tubs Complement Contemporary Coastal Homes

The profile and lines of the Utopia Series compliment the linear construction and geometric shapes used in Contemporary Coastal architecture.

The Avante all-climate cabinet not only withstands the extreme coastal weather but the color seen here in Slate creates a seamless visual experience with the decking and home. Color options include the extremely versatile shades of Sand and Brownstone.

The Utopia Series spa holds a position of prominence on your deck and is comfortable being the focal point of your backyard design. Accompany it with a simple dining set and lounging chairs and you’ll never want to leave.

Country Estate Living


Country Estate Living

Whether you’ve spent the day riding horses or planning an event, knowing your Caldera personal hot tub is waiting for you will make life easier. You’ve worked hard for the life you enjoy. Propel your health to new heights by welcoming the Utopia Series Spa on to the grounds of your County Estate. It will be perfect for that spirited gathering you’re planning, and worthy of pulling out the vintage Bordeaux.

Architectural Design

The underlying tradition of a Country Estate is rooted in Greek and Roman architecture. Low-pitched roofs supported by pillars give a defining nod to history.

Influence travels well over the centuries, and across America’s Country Estates. The nobility of stonework also plays into the Country Estate design. Structure and balanced proportions are vital to achieving symmetry. Homes take on the form of stately boxes fronted by multiple square windows. Adjoining wings spread wide across expansive, manicured, grass-laden grounds.

No Country Estate would be complete without a garden in which precisely situated greenery and flowers create a perfect retreat for family and friends.

How Utopia® Series Hot Tubs Complement Country Estate Homes

A Utopia Series spa can match effortlessly into your backyard design project by adding a mix of County Estate elements around your spa.

Stone and brick provide a foundation of stability, while manicured box hedges or other greenery surround the hot tub providing a perfect presentation. Your personal Caldera spa will be part of the overall garden landscape. The Avante™ all-climate cabinet shown here in Brownstone echoes the natural tones present in the earth and trees.

A water feature is an essential part of any Country Estate. Let the Utopia Series Spa create that ambiance for you with its cascading water fountain.

Tuscan Living


Tuscan Living

Italy is the land where food and art are held in the highest regard. Whether your taste for Tuscan architecture resulted from a trip to Italy or a tale of adventure straight from a movie, you know what you like. Your Utopia Series spa is an integral part of setting the scene for your own personal backyard getaway. Imagine yourself enjoying the company of friends while eating a fabulous meal. After dinner let the artful design of your personal Caldera hydrotherapy spa take care of the rest as you renew, restore and reconnect.

Architectural Design

Many destination vacations have resulted in a love for the traditional architecture of Tuscany in Central Italy. The allure of Old World Europe is displayed in homes across the United States from the hill-tops and beach-fronts of Southern California to the tropical playgrounds of Florida.

Various types of natural stone form a Tuscan style home’s exterior walls, pathways and outdoor structures. From the red tiled roofs to the terracotta, terrazzo, travertine and marble surfaces throughout, the motif beckons a rustic ambiance worn by history and preserved for all to enjoy.

Style elements include arched doorways and windows adorned with shutters, dark wood supportive beams, and pillars reminiscent of the Roman Empire.

How Utopia® Series Hot Tubs Complement Country Estate Homes

Not only does the Utopia Series showcase a stability of design, the lines of the sculptured cabinet share vertical symmetry with pillars used in Tuscan architecture. Consider building a pergola spa enclosure supported by pillars, which integrates additional symmetry to your project.

The Avante™ all-climate cabinetry shown here in Brownstone mirrors the dark wood beams seen in indoor and outdoor structures. The pale color palette of the Tuscan aesthetic can also be attained opting for cabinetry in a lighter Slate, or Sand color choice.

Use natural stone hardscape for patios or garden walls to surround your personal Caldera hot tub. This carries the Tuscan style to your outdoor spa space. If you want just the right touch of Old World charm plant creeping vines that will grow in abundance on your pergola spa enclosure.

Mixed-Use Urban Living


Mixed-Use Urban Living

You jump at the chance to experience new things. Choosing to live in a Mixed-use neighborhood provides opportunities to spend more time enjoying your friends, family and neighborhood. The Utopia Series hot tubs are designed to be part of your live-work arrangement. Imagine yourself walking home from work, stopping by the store, cooking dinner and ending your day in the warm healing waters of your personal Caldera® Spa. That will never get old.

Architectural Design

The effort to revive and renew urban space is very much alive. The trend to reinvent neighborhoods into live-work, pedestrian-friendly developments is attracting people who seek a new way of living. Although this concept has been around for hundreds of years, it is new in some areas of the country.

The essence of Mixed-use Urban architecture is the physical integration of structures catering to residential, commercial, cultural, and industrial uses. For example, commercial structures are built on ground level with residential properties above.

These developments vary in architectural design from modern to traditional. Building materials include wood, concrete, metal, and stucco. The residential dwellings are designed as lofts and multi-bedroom flats, with space-efficient outdoor areas.

How Utopia® Series Hot Tubs Complement Mixed-Use Urban Homes

Not only does the Utopia Series showcase a stability of design, the lines of the sculptured cabinet share vertical symmetry with pillars used in Tuscan architecture. Consider building a pergola spa enclosure supported by pillars, which integrates additional symmetry to your project.

The Avante™ all-climate cabinetry shown here in Brownstone mirrors the dark wood beams seen in indoor and outdoor structures. The pale color palette of the Tuscan aesthetic can also be attained opting for cabinetry in a lighter Slate, or Sand color choice.

Use natural stone hardscape for patios or garden walls to surround your personal Caldera hot tub. This carries the Tuscan style to your outdoor spa space. If you want just the right touch of Old World charm plant creeping vines that will grow in abundance on your pergola spa enclosure.

Oceanfront Modern Living


Oceanfront Modern Living

Waking to the sound of the ocean never gets old. You love life and enjoy the healing effects of the ocean. Your health matters and improving it is a priority. Starting your day running, walking the dog or participating in a water sport is made better by a 20-minute session in your personal Utopia Series spa. Ending your day soaking in the hot tub reconnecting with family and friends makes oceanfront living that much more special.

Architectural Design

Oceanfront Modern architecture is found on the shorelines of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico. This prized real estate incorporates design elements that make the most of spectacular views and the serenity of the ocean.

Structures consist of geometric shapes that frame the home. Concrete and steel are used in both foundations and facades. Exterior surfaces integrate wood, other composites, and tile that must withstand the harshness of the elements.

Outdoor living spaces are an extension of Modern design. The goal is to combine the home’s interior, backyard space and ocean as one. Large floor-to-ceiling windows serve this notion well.

How Utopia® Series Hot Tubs Complement Oceanfront Modern Homes

Good news! If you own an Oceanfront Modern home your Utopia Series Spa will be an oceanfront hot tub as well. The health benefits of living by the ocean will be enhanced by relaxing, restoring and reconnecting in your spa.

The Avante™ all-climate cabinets seen here in Slate are designed to withstand the harsh ocean elements while exuding a calm elegance. A well-designed hot tub cover adds an indispensable level of protection for your spa.

The cabinet color options of Slate, Sand and Brownstone complement all wood tones and pair nicely with a full palette of colors used on structures and patio surfaces. Choose Arctic White for the interior of your spa to see crystal, clear blue water as it reflects off the vibrant blue sky above.

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