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Pool Vacuums Explained

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The difference between an inground and above ground pool cleaner is determined mainly by the structure in which it is built and the range in terms of depth and length in which it can go. Inground vacuums are designed to facilitate deep ends of pools and can go to depths of up to eight feet. Anything deeper than eight feet requires a specific type of cleaner designed for those depths. Above ground pool cleaners are usually a cheaper option than their inground pool cleaner counterparts and are designed for the appropriate depths found in most above ground swimming pools which is traditionally between 48″ – 54″. Many of the above ground options are manual cleaners that require assistant when cleaning, but there are options for automatic cleaners that attach from the skimmer to the vacuum and work on their own.

Different Types

There are three different specific types of automatic pool cleaners among the inground and above ground vacuums that we supply.
These include suction, pressure, and robotic style cleaners.

Suction Cleaners

Are automatic, and once attached to the skimmer, uses the pool’s filter to move around and clean smaller particles like sand or dirt. These types of cleaners are ideal where cleaning requirements include fine particles of dirt and small leaves and twigs.

Popular Suction Cleaners

Pressure Cleaners

Are automatic as well and use the pools pressure to propel the wheels attached to it, usually best for cleaning larger items such as leaves. These cleaners are ideal for pools with trees surrounding the vicinity to make clean up a breeze.

Popular Pressure Cleaners

Robotic Cleaners

Are arguably one of the most efficient types of cleaners, capable of cleaning any dirt, leaves, or sand on both the pool walls and floor. Some units feature programs that navigate the pool floor to determine the size and build a virtual map to ensure every corner and square inch is cleaned.

Popular Robotic Cleaners

What’s the best inground vacuum?

As explained above, it depends on the location of your pool and what surrounds it when determining the vacuum to best suit your needs. Robotic cleaners are usually considered the most optimal choice for your pool. We offer a number of state of the art robotic cleaning vacuums that all are designed to meet specific needs of cleaning within the pool.

What is expected with a robotic pool cleaner? At the end of the day families want a clean pool while using as few chemicals as possible. The Aquabot Pura 4X vacuum does an exemplary job on removing dirt and debris from both surfaces as well as the water. As a result this keeps the pool clearer which reduces the need to add more chemicals. This cleaner can cover up to 8000 feet per hour and also filter 80-85 gallons of water per hour.

Cleaning your pool doesn’t have to suck - but with our vacuums it can.

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