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Salt or Chlorine?

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We are happy to provide our customers with top of the line products that you'll need to keep your pool water as clean and silky smooth as possible all summer long! There has been a continuous debate as to which water system is optimal for your above ground, inground, or onground swimming pool. The Aquatrol Salt Water System uses minimal levels of salt required to sanitize your water, keeping that sparkly surface we all love. For some, salt water can be softer and easier on our skin and eyes –often avoiding that itch and irritation we know all too well. Our bodies are naturally comprised of salt and therefore can react more appropriately once exposed! Although the initial costs for the Aquatrol Salt Water System may be higher than its chlorine counterpart, one will find long term value and lower maintenance costs when using this water source and product.
Beautiful Above Ground
We also provide Automatic Chlorine Feeder options in the event you want to use a more traditional sanitation system, which supplies your pool with a three week supply of stabilized chlorine. This method of chlorination does require one to regularly re-stock and to maintain regular testing of chemical levels since chlorine does dissipate over time. Chlorine is an effective method of quickly destroying and neutralizing contaminants in the water. Regardless, your choice of sanitation system ultimately comes down to what works best for you and your family. For more information on salt systems contact your store or continue reading our salt blogs.

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