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Press Release - Monday Aug 2016


“It Was My Hardest Hit In One Of These Cars”

Trois Rivieres, QUEB: The Can-Am 50 started and ended just as quickly for Gary Klutt who was hit hard by the #04 car driven by J.F. Dumoulin in the second turn of the first lap.

The theme throughout the weekend was uncertainty of weather. With threats of rain all weekend teams kept their rain tires and windshield wipers at the ready. The team worked hard through practice to set up the new road course car for the tricky streets of Trois Rivieres. Finally, for qualifying the team made some major changes and ran some comfortable paced laps qualifying the car 8th, looking to move forward in the race. “We got the car set up really well, it was comfortable to drive at speed,” said Klutt.

The excitement and anticipation of going forward in the race was short lived however. The green flag flew and Klutt made it through turn #1 clean, setting himself on the inside to pass cars into turns 2 & 3. However, on the short stretch between corners, the #04 car of J.F. Dumoulin turned down on Klutt putting the car hard enough into the wall to break the engine free from the chassis. “It was my hardest hit in one of these cars…. I’m thankful for how safe these Nascar’s have become allowing me to walk away unscathed”

“It was an extremely frustrating weekend for myself and the whole crew, it’s just a tough one to swallow knowing that it wasn’t done out of ignorance” Said Klutt, “This weekend’s result took away the possibility of making it to the top 3 or 5 in the overall points”

The team will head back to the shop and rebuild the car for a second try at CTMP, “I can’t wait to get back to CTMP and put on a good show for our fans”

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