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Klutt Finishes 13th At CRS Express 300

Press Release - Tuesday Jun 2016

VALLE-JONCTION, JUNE 25: Klutt finishes 13th at CRS Express 300

It was another tough weekend for the smilin’ assassin who finished 7th in qualifying after some fast practice runs with a car that ran great. Within the first few laps Klutt could tell the speed wasn’t there. With it being a break race, they decided to push through to the half way point of 150 laps. A rear gear was discovered to be on its last legs which held Klutt to a 13th place finish.

“We made it to the halfway point and the crew got straight to work to change the boiling hot rear end in the hopes that I could get back out there and salvage some valuable championship points”. Klutt is confident he has the best crew as he states, “these guys just don’t quit!”

Klutt was able to recover two positions as a result of engine failure from a competitor. “We learned last year that at the end when everyone is sitting down looking at the points standings, it’s races like this that make the difference.”

With three races down and 9 left to go Klutt is invigorated to get back behind the wheel with his 96 points, only 30 back from the leader. “It’s frustrating that we haven’t been on the podium yet this year, but it will come. All we can do is keep on working hard and smart… and that’s our plan.”

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