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The Knights


The Knight family’s backyard is quite spectacular so we wanted to make sure that our pool build matched the essence of their space, while also being functional. For the Knight family we built a custom, modern, Full L Shaped inground and finished it in our Blue Slate Vinyl Liner. The Knights, and their guests, will enjoy splashing around in the pool’s bright blue water and sun bathing on it’s custom sun ledge. This 12′ x 28′ Full L shaped pool also boasts a sheer descent water feature, vinyl over steel steps that span the entire width of the pool and a bench that spans the entire length of the pool as well.

Other gorgeous features of the Knight backyard to note are the covered outdoor patio and barbecue area, the fresh, green landscaping and the pair of luxurious, lounge chairs shaded by a gorgeous octagon shaped umbrella. The Knight family backyard is a haven for summertime entertainment!


  • Shape: Full L
  • Size: 12 x 28
  • Liner: Blue Slate
  • Features List: Sheer Descent, Vinyl Over Steps