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The Golovchenkos

Inground Pool

The Golovchenkos Inground Pools lets you choose your level of comfort in this elevated backyard retreat. With multiple spots to sit back and relax you can either kick back and enjoy the summer sun on a raised patio retreat, a poolside patio seating area, or in the heart of refreshment in a welcoming inground pool.

The Trinity Shaped lagoon-like pool features a Grey Granite liner that, depending on the light, picks up the grey colour to create a dark blue retreat, or a dark teal tone when in certain light. The matching colour Thermoplastic Steps maintain the consistent lines of the trinity shape to create a seamless backyard design from the deck to the raised patio.

  • Shape: Trinity
  • Size: 17’ x 28’
  • Liner: Grey Granite
  • Features List: Lighting System, Thermoplastic Steps

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