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The Maddens

Inground Pool

The Maddens elegant rectangle pool is the perfect blend of simplicity and modern design. Creating a backyard retreat can be your opportunity to include as many items as you like, or in this case, maintain a clean and simplistic atmosphere that projects beauty and elegance. The crisp line of the sheer descent that boxes in the shape of the pool with the home, provides a three tiered design that features a breathtaking sheer descent waterfall in the center that cascades water gently into the pool. Underwater lighting is a crowd pleaser for those evening and late night dip with friends while the rich colour palette showcases the natural beauty of the liner and surrounding stonework. This is truly a backyard retreat to be enjoyed with friends and family on any occasion.

  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Size: 17 x 32
  • Liner: Black Onyx
  • Features List: Sheer Descent, Lighting System, Deck Jets, Vinyl Over Steps

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