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Trinity Above Ground Swimming Pool

Aqua Leader

The Aqua Leader Trinity above ground swimming pool was designed with three key ingredients in mind – durability, low maintenance, and family fun! The 6” resin top rails and 7.5” wall posts were created using a state of the art injection moulding process for superior strength and preservation over time that also makes these pieces salt water friendly. This beautiful above ground pool features some incredible contemporary finishes including rounded top rail caps, wall posts inspired by museum pillars, and engineered top rails. The Trinity top rails feature unique channels that work to capture water making your rails less slippery when entering and exiting the pool. The 54” wall is the tallest we offer making it the perfect option for families with kids from young to old and swimmers from beginner to professional.

  • 54"Wall Height
  • 5Year Warranty
  • Made in Canada
  • Buttress Free
  • Salt Friendly
Trinity Above Ground Pool

What's Included?

Aqua Leader Trinity Above Ground Swimming Pool
What's Included? Kit Complete
6" Resin Top Rails
7 1/2" Vertical Wall Posts
Two Piece Rail Caps
Exclusive 54" Trinity Wall
Widemouth Skimmer
Return Jet
Hayward 19" Sand Filter
Hayward 1Hp Pump and Motor
Filter Sand
Vision Pro
Plumbing Fittings
10’ High Pressure Pipe
Shut-Off Valves
Maintenance Kit
Deluxe Vacuum Equipment
Starter Chemical Package
  • Exclusive 54" Trinity Wall

    Aqua Leader Trinity Above Ground Swimming Pool

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