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Jandy/Zodiac - Cleaner Parts - G3


Below you'll find the consolidated list of replacement parts for the Jandy/Zodiac G3 Cleaner.


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Jandy/Zodiac - Cleaner Parts - G3

  KeySKU / Part #NamePrice  
  1PTS-W83278Zodiac Wheel Deflector, G2/G3/G448.99  
  2PTS-W69545Zodiac G3 Retaining Collar40.99  
  3PTS-W69526Zodiac Bumper Fin, G377.99  
  4PTS-W70326Zodiac Cassette Outer Extension Pipe W/ Handnut, G3137.99  
  5PTS-W74000Zodiac Compression Ring9.99  
  6PTS-W70345Zodiac Assembly, G3 Cass Chamber With Comp Ring102.99  
  7PTS-W56525Zodiac Pipe, Threaded Inner Extension63.99  
  8PTS-W81600Zodiac Retaining Ring6.99  
  9PTS-W69698Zodiac Long Life Diaphragm77.99  
  10PTS-W70340Zodiac Assembly, G3 Cassette Rev 2311.99  
  11PTS-W56124Zodiac G3 Float26.99  
  13PTS-W69542Zodiac G3 Main Body - Right62.99  
  14PTS-W69541Zodiac G3 Main Body - Left80.99  
  15PTS-W70328Zodiac Foot Flange, G333.99  
  16PTS-W70329Zodiac Finned Disc, Zodiac G3142.99  
  17PTS-W70327Zodiac Baracuda Foot Pad, ,Replaces W72880 Replaces W7288088.99  
  18PTS-W83247Zodiac Kit Hose Weight Universal Aqua21.99  
  19PTS-W70335Zodiac FLow Gauge73.99  
  20PTS-W60050Zodiac MB Valve Setting 291.99  
  21PTS-W70263Zodiac Adaptor, I/G Weir Cuff (Eva)31.99  
  22PTS-W33160Zodiac Hose Connector, 4-1/2" Aqua14.99  
  23PTS-W70244Zodiac 45 Degree Weir Elbow (Eva)18.99  
  24PTS-W83140Zodiac Hose Kit, Aqua, Long Life 1 M287.99  

A consolidated list of replacement parts for the Jandy/Zodiac G3 Cleaner. If you're having difficulty finding the part you need, please reach out to one of our representatives in the contact section below.



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Jandy/Zodiac - Cleaner Parts - G3

SKU / Part #NamePrice  

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Samanta J.

6 days ago

Good, perfect size

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John Doe

5 days ago

Very good

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