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Jandy/Zodiac - Heater Parts - Lite2 LG, LD Pool/Spa Heater (Discontinued, 2003 - 2009)


Below you'll find a consolidated list of the replacement parts for the Jandy/Zodiac Lite2 LG, LD Pool/Spa Heater (Discontinued, 2003 - 2009). 


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Jandy/Zodiac - Heater Parts - Lite2 LG, LD Pool/Spa Heater (Discontinued, 2003 - 2009)

  KeySKU / Part #NamePrice  
  1PTS-R0099100Jandy Main Burner Pilot Assembly Natural278.99  
  1PTS-R0099200Jandy Main Burner Pilot Assembly LP278.99  
  2PTS-R0096700Jandy Pilot Burner, Natural 018, Replacement Kit212.99  
  2PTS-R0096600Jandy Pilot Burner, LP212.99  
  2APTS-R0323300Jandy Pilot Shield36.99  
  3PTS-W0036901Jandy Pilot Generator118.99  
  4PTS-R0011600Jandy Insulator Lead Assembly48.99  
  5PTS-10457500Jandy Burner, w/Pilot Bracket33.99  
  6PTS-R0099000Jandy High Voltage Lead Assembly50.99  
  7PTS-R0037000Jandy Pilot Tubing, Model All, LRZM24.99  
  8/9PTS-R0355900Jandy Piezo Lighter Assembly Pewter Replacement Kit. Model All, LRZM43.99  
  9PTS-R0446900Jandy Ignitor box, LD, All28.99  
  10PTS-R0317200Jandy Hot Surface Igniter Replacement Kit184.99  
  NSPTS-R0334200Jandy HSI shield - LD, All102.99  
  NSPTS-R0334300Jandy Flame Sensor, LD Replacement Kit189.99  
  11PTS-R0319505Jandy Burner Tray Assembly LP 4002161.99  
  12PTS-R0317001Jandy Burner Tray, Shelf Only, 125295.99  
  12PTS-R0317002Jandy Burner Tray Shelf Only, 175302.99  
  12PTS-R0317003Jandy Burner Tray, Shelf Only, 250313.99  
  12PTS-R0317004Jandy Burner Tray Shelf Only, 325320.99  
  12PTS-R0317005Jandy Burner Tray, Shelf Only, 400330.99  
  13PTS-R0096400Jandy Gas Valve, Natural593.99  
  13PTS-R0096900Jandy Gas Valve, LP593.99  
  13PTS-R0317100Jandy Gas Valve, Natural494.99  
  13PTS-R0319600Jandy Gas Valve, LP521.99  
  13APTS-L0032200Jandy Gas Orifice, Natural, 0'. - 3,000'3.99  
  13APTS-L0032900Jandy Gas Orifice, LP, 0' - 5,000'3.99  
  16PTS-R0469800Jandy Burner, Main, Model All, LRZE And LRZM31.99  
  17PTS-L0006400Jandy Gas Manifold, Laars Lite, 250171.99  
  18PTS-R0058200Jandy Temperature Control292.99  
  21PTS-R0099800Jandy On-Off Switch, Model All, LRZM37.99  
  23PTS-R0011700Jandy Temp Control Assembly Replacement Kit665.99  
  NSPTS-R0325900Jandy Wire harness set, complete Replacement Kit, All181.99  
  26PTS-R0099900Jandy Knob, Single Bar15.99  
  27PTS-R0011800Jandy Temperature Sensor159.99  
  28PTS-10444900Jandy Thermostat Sleeve3.99  
  29PTS-R0456600Jandy Gasket, Temperature Control Bulb, Model All, LRZM & LRZM3.99  
  30PTS-R0010700Jandy Thermostat Knob Replacement Kit8.99  
  32PTS-R0318800Jandy Mechanical Temperature Control Replacement Kit301.99  
  33PTS-S0069800Jandy Temperature Control Bezel54.99  
  38PTS-R0013200Jandy Water pressure switch only kit124.99  
  38PTS-R0015500Jandy Pressure Switch, 1-10 PSI, Model All, LRZE And LRZM142.99  
  39PTS-R0057800Jandy Siphon Loop Assembly114.99  
  41PTS-R0023200Jandy High-limit Switch Assembly Replacement Kit132.99  
  42PTS-R0022700Jandy High-limit Switch 135Degree F64.99  
  43PTS-R0023000Jandy High-Limit Switch,150Degree F Replacement Kit Model All, LRZE and LRZM Model All, LRZE And LRZM61.99  
  45/47PTS-10419300Jandy High Limit Switch Harness LG, CE, Replacement Kit120.99  
  48PTS-R0012200Jandy Fusible Link Assembly, Replacement Kit Model All, LRZE/LRZM14.99  
  50PTS-R0097800Jandy Terminal Block Replacement Kit19.99  
  51PTS-R0317500Jandy Ignition Control Assembly714.99  
  52PTS-R0408100Jandy Ingition Control Replacement Kit787.99  
  54PTS-R0061100Jandy Transformer, Model All, LRZE Replacement Kit101.99  
  56PTS-10480000Jandy In-Line Fuse Assembly20.99  
  64PTS-10561404Jandy Draft Hood 325262.99  
  NSPTS-R0449705Jandy Adaptor plate, 40044.99  
  68PTS-R0056400Jandy Inlet/Outlet Header, 2"892.99  
  68PTS-R0016800Jandy Header, In/Out,Bronze 2"1135.99  
  70PTS-R0057000Jandy Header Bolt Kit50.99  
  74PTS-R0050800Jandy Header Gasket Set of 1836.99  
  75PTS-R0055000Jandy Flange and Gasket Assembly323.99  
  76PTS-10573500Jandy Flange, 2"99.99  
  77PTS-S0078000Jandy Flange Gasket, 2"32.99  
  78PTS-S0078200Jandy Flange Sleeve, 2"9.99  
  79PTS-R0461500Jandy Flange And Gasket Kit, Bronze, Model All, LRZE And LRZM323.99  
  80PTS-S0078100Jandy Gasket, Adapter, 2"X1 1/2"8.99  
  81PTS-R0316300Jandy Grommet Kit9.99  
  82PTS-R0460300Jandy Grommet, Seal 2" Replacement Kit5.99  
  84PTS-P0026800Jandy Pipe Plug 1/4" NPT7.99  
  86PTS-P0027000Jandy Pipe Plug 0.75" NPT18.99  
  87/90PTS-R0054900Jandy Bypass Assembly, 2"52.99  
  89PTS-R0011500Jandy Bypass Valve Disc6.99  
  91PTS-S0079900Jandy By Pass Spring, 2" Header, 125 Purple17.99  
  91PTS-S0061400Jandy By-pass Spring, White16.99  
  91PTS-S0061300Jandy By-pass Spring, Red16.99  
  91PTS-S0070100Jandy By Pass Spring, Black, 40010.99  
  92PTS-R0011400Jandy Gasket, Flow Control Replacement Kit5.99  
  93PTS-R0018101Jandy Heat Exchanger Tube Assembly, 1251033.99  
  93PTS-R0018102Jandy Heat Exchanger Tube Assembly, 1751236.99  
  93PTS-R0018103Jandy Heat Exchanger Tube Assembly, 2501447.99  
  93PTS-R0018104Jandy Heat Exchanger Tube Assembly, 3251664.99  
  93PTS-R0018105Jandy Heat Exchanger Tube Assembly, 4001866.99  
  94PTS-10697401Jandy Baffle Heat Exchanger 125 8 Required2.99  
  94PTS-10697402Jandy Baffle Heat Exchanger 175 8 Required2.99  
  94PTS-10697403Jandy Baffle Heat Exchanger 250 8 Required3.99  
  94PTS-10697404Jandy Heat Exchange Baffle, 325 (8 Required)2.99  
  PTS-10697405Jandy Baffle Heat Exchanger 400 8 Required2.99  
  PTS-S0083900Jandy Baffle Retainer Clip25.99  
  PTS-R0040400Jandy Press Relief Valve Kit, 75 PSI Bronze Model All, LRZE And LRZM59.99  

A consolidated list of the replacement parts for the Jandy/Zodiac Lite2 LG, LD Pool/Spa Heater (Discontinued, 2003 - 2009). If you're having trouble finding the parts you need, feel free to reach out to one of our representatives in the contact section below.



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Jandy/Zodiac - Heater Parts - Lite2 LG, LD Pool/Spa Heater (Discontinued, 2003 - 2009)

SKU / Part #NamePrice  

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