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10 Pool Games for Kids

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Sharks and Minnows is basically tag in the pool, but there are ways to spice it up and make it even more fun than plain old tag! Start the game with one shark and a group of minnows, and then every time one shark captures a minnow, that minnow also turns into a shark. By the end of the game it will be on minnow being chased by a group of sharks!


A classic Treasure Hunt is always good for some pool fun. There are so many things you can hunt for in your pool, dive sticks, rings, toys, or even money (if you’re lucky enough!)! Before throwing anything into your pool, make sure you check with a parent first. We don’t want anything damaging any of the pool parts of the pool liner like a rock or something sharp.


Get the feeling of losing control in your pool, and all it takes it a group of friends and some motion! Get all of your friends to create a circle and run in that circle. The constant motion of the water moving in a circular movement will create a natural whirlpool.


Originally created by Marco Polo the Italian traveller back in the late 1200’s. Not many know the true origin of how this classic pool game made its way to our shores. For those who don’t know, Marco Polo was notoriously bad with directions. On one of his last voyages he was lost at sea and knew the only way to find his way home…was luck. He closed his eyes, spun around 5 times in a circle then pointed, eventually leading them to land, and beginning the classic game Marco Polo. Today we honour his efforts by closing our eyes, spinning around and having the person who is ‘it’; call out ‘Marco’ while the other players yell out ‘Polo’ to help the player capture the other players.

*Please note, many if not all of these facts have been created solely for this article. We do want to note however, Marco Polo is an incredibly fun game!


One of the classics, and best games to play with large groups in any swimming pool. Divide your teams and begin the fun on either side of the net. Pools with larger shallow ends provide a larger playing area. Above ground pools are perfect for Pool Volleyball.


Another classic, Pool Basketball can be played with just 2 players to as many as you can gather! Mount a basketball rim to the side of your pool or decking or simply place a removable net beside the pool and let the fun begin!


Without a doubt, this is the most painful but rewarding games in a swimming pool. The belly flop has been around for centuries but has recently come back in a big way. The idea is to create the biggest splash, much like a cannonball, but by jumping into the pool with your arms and legs out, and falling straight onto your stomach and chest. Go right to the edge of the pool jump as high and as far out as you can and flop directly onto your belly. From pain comes pleasure!


There’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned cannonball, so why not make it into a competition! Line your friends up and see who can make the biggest splash. If you’re serious about your competitions, bring a measuring tape out, and try to see how high the splashes go!!


For those gymnasts out there who want to show off their talent, the Handstand Competition is the perfect opportunity to show your stuff! You can go one at a time and have everyone count while they are under, or all go at the same time and see who comes up last. Be sure to have someone watching from outside the pool to make sure everyone is okay under water.


For a good chicken fight we usually recommend having parents as both bases. The kids can then climb on the parents shoulders and battle it out to see who lasts the longest on top of the parent’s shoulders. No punching or kicking, but a good shove here and there will do the trick!

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*Please be careful when moving around a wet pool deck, and be sure your pool is deep enough to play these games.
Always check with a parent before playing any pool game!

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