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Hot Tub Health Benefits

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Hot Spring spas company logo A hot tub can be enjoyed throughout the year with family and friends or simply on your own. But besides being an incredible place to unwind, there are health benefits associated with hot tubs. Research has shown that hot tubs provide a wide variety of health benefits for symptoms like stress, congestion, and joint pain. A hot tub has the incredible ability to help individuals both young and old, and from beginner to professional athlete thanks to the benefits of hydrotherapy.

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reconnect with family & friends

The kitchen table used to be the one spot you knew you would gather around everyday and discuss your daily events with your family. How is everyone doing? What happened during your day? Ironically, technology has been slowly disconnecting us from this social interaction we enjoyed on a daily basis, and brought about a completely digital world where we converse through a screen. The best part about family time in the hot tub is that it forces everyone to unplug, if even for 30 minutes, and actually interact in person. Get back your opportunity to learn about each others days, play a card game with Waterproof Playing Cards, or just enjoy one and others company.For less than the cost of an average vacation, you can have a backyard oasis to enjoy with your loved ones every day for years to come. That type of quality time is priceless.

reduce joint strain

When you first step into a hot tub you immediately notice your entire body feels lighter and more comfortable. This feeling is called buoyancy, and it’s the reason behind reducing joint pain.[1] As you sit in the hot tub, your body has the opportunity to relax and loosen, which in turn soothes your tired and aching joints.The effects of buoyancy have also been noted to help improve weight bearing as well as increasing your strength.


reduce inflammation

Professional athletes commonly use a therapy technique to speed up their recovery called Contrast Water Therapy.[1] They toggle from the warm waters of a hot tub, to the cold waters of a bathtub filled with ice. This method of physiotherapy has been proven to reduce inflammation and help athletes get back to training faster. Get creative this winter and create your own Contrast Water Therapy by soaking in the hot tub then laying in the snow for a similar effect!


muscle relaxation

No surprise here as this is one of the top reasons for purchasing a hot tub. Hot tubs reduce muscle soreness with targeted hydrotherapy jets that pinpoint the bodies stress points to provide maximum relief.[1] With a hot tub, you get the benefits of an expensive spa massage in the comfort of your own home.


upper respiratory improvement

With winter around the corner, here come the sniffles and constant congestion. Not with a hot tub. Hot tubs can help alleviate your congestion by clearing your nasal passage from the steam created from the constant moving heat, similar to the effects you feel from a sauna.[2]


Boost Immune System

Fight colds and illnesses while you relax this winter. Hydrotherapy has been shown to increase the body’s blood flow of white blood cells.[6] The increased movement of these blood cells through the body more efficiently helps to strengthen the immune system, helping you prevent and battle that yearly winter cold.


Headache & Migraine Relief

Hot tubs can help with various types of headaches including tension headaches that can be caused by tight, uncomfortable muscles. Hot tubs can also help relieve migraines that can be caused for various reasons but some of the most common triggers include changes in your sleeping habits, exposure to light, and stress.[3] Hot tubs are the perfect place to simply sit back, relax, and let the targeted Hydrotherapy jets relieve your aching, tense muscles, while reducing your stress as you close your eyes and drift off into complete relaxation.

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alleviate arthritis pain

The soothing warmth provided by a soak in the hot tub provides Arthritis sufferers relief from soreness and discomfort. The buoyancy of the water helps to ease joint pain caused by the absence of cartilage in the joint.[2]


improve your range of motion

Cold weather and a lack of outdoor activity can make your muscles feel sore and tight all winter long. A hot tub is the perfect place to relieve your tight, sore muscles while also improving your range of motion to help you take on the blistering cold of a Canadian winter, one day at a time.[1]


restore strength

Hot water therapy has been proven to assist in the rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries and athletic recovery.[5] After a workout your body has restricted blood flow due to swelling tissue. When your body enters the warm water of the hot tub, your capillaries open up and your blood flow increases helping you increase your circulation, which aids in a more rapid recovery.

bonus! salt water benefit

Salt water has the unique ability to target and alleviate a number of common health problems, while also making your maintenance a lot easier.[7] Salt water creates a natural sanitizing effect that saves on chemical costs, while also lowering the risk of irritation to your skin and eyes. The salt also helps to soften your skin and is a common ingredient in most skin care products.


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