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Mental Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs

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Studies have proven that soaking in hot water regularly will enhance our total health and wellness. Relaxing in a Hot Tub is highly beneficial as it aids both our mental and physical health, without us having to exert a lot of energy. Soaking into relaxation is restorative and healthy. In this blog, we outline the main mental health benefits of "Hot Tubbing".

They Balance Your Hormones

Spending time in a Hot Tub will result in a combination of increased blood flow and relaxed breathing. These results combine to increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine in our brains while decreasing the cortisol and epinephrine levels. This is positive as we see an increase in “happy” hormones and a decrease in “stressing” hormones. This hormonal re-balance is helpful in the fight against stress, anxiety and depression. Hot Tubs provide significant mental health benefits.

Mental Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs

You Will Have A Deeper Sleep

A common symptom of anxiety is poor sleeping habits. Those who suffer from anxiety often experience insomnia and light, easily disrupted, sleep. Poor sleep, or lack of sleep, weighs heavily on your mental and physical health. With regular use of a Hot Tub, your sleep can become more restful and deep. The heat of the Hot Tub's water will naturally raise your body’s core temperature. Once you leave the hot tub, your body will enter into a “cooling” period. This process closely mimics the process of body temperature changes that we endure before and during sleep, which will ultimately help improve your sleep. An improved sleep is one of the best weapons in the fight against stress. Hot Tub use will result in a deeper, longer, more restful sleep.

Mental Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs - Pioneer Family Pools

Meditating Is Easier

The environment of a Hot Tub alone is proven to be rather soothing and tranquil. The warm, nurturing water paired with the relaxing ambiance, contributes to an environment perfect for meditation and self-reflection. For those of you who wish to clear your mind and feel a sense of Zen, your Hot Tub can be the ideal spot for meditation. Using spa scents, or adding soothing lighting and candles to your area, will help bring you to a state of enlightenment.

While you begin to meditate in your Hot Tub, we recommend that you close your eyes, cross your legs and keep your posture upright, but relaxed. Keep your head up and faced straight ahead while you begin to breathe deeply. Empty your mind of thoughts, don’t daydream, and keep focused on your breathing; your mind will soon wash of the day’s worries. Meditating is extremely beneficial for your mental health. Meditating is proven to “fix” your brain patterns and can help participants stay present and approach situations more calmly upon regular practice. Proper meditation is often achieved while completed in a Hot Tub.

Mental Health Benefits Of A Hot Tub

Your Body Will Ease Of Physical Symptoms That Cause Mental Peril

When we are sick or in pain, we can’t help but mentally dwell on it and wish to feel normal again. Hot Tubs can help to take your mind off your ailments by relaxing your body physically. As your body heals inside the warm, fizzy water, your mind will ease away from thoughts of pain and agitation. Instead of focusing on your pain, your mind will transcend into thoughts of relaxation and happiness.

Mental Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs - Pioneer Family Pools

De-stress For Less

We want to help you soak into wellness. Mental health is extremely important and until recent years, went fairly un-discussed within society. Mental health is closely tied to your physiological health. Regular use of a Hot Tub will counteract the mental or physical strains that you may be experiencing. Although there are a number of options that can become stress relievers, we favour Hot Tubs as they promote ultimate relaxation without users having to execute lots of energy. In addition, Hot tubs are helpful for mind, body and soul, and most importantly, are suitable for a wide age range of people.

This weekend, you can de-stress for less. We are holding a Hot Tub Rebate Event that offers $1,000.00 off select Hot Spring or Caldera models. Hot Spring and Caldera are two of the most sought after Hot Tub brands, and for good reason. Soaking into either of these Hot Tubs is anything but ordinary, it is truly a restorative experience.

Whether a Hot Tub is, or is not, for you, we encourage you to nourish your mental health and always ask for help when needed.


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