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How To Choose A Swimming Pool Liner

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Whether you already have a pool or are considering installing one, choosing a pool liner can be one of the most enjoyable items to add to your backyard's overall design. Your pool is your personal oasis. The look and feel of your pool should represent your vision of tranquility. Therefore, it is important to choose a pool liner that best enhances the desired aesthetic of your backyard. Pool colour is a major variable of pool design. Your liner largely contributes to the colour of your pool water. It can also be an overwhelming process if you don’t know where to start, but we’re here to guide you through the process and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Before you begin choosing the right pool liner you should take a few factors into consideration. How much sunlight does your pool get? Is your pool shaded by trees or other obstructions? Do you tend to swim at day or during the night? By asking yourself these questions ahead of time, it will help you choose the colour and the pattern of the pool liner that you want.

One of the common problems we hear about is how the colour of the liner changes once water is added to the pool or sunlight turns to shade. White liners become teal, grey liners become blue, etc. It’s tough to know what the liner will look like until water is added to the pool, but with our Water Colour Selector you can see how different liner colours react differently when water is added.

Steps to Find the Right Liner

Now that you’ve prepared for the perfect liner, it’s time to pick one out. In order to do this you’ll need a few pieces of information so that you can narrow your choices down to the best option for the design of your pool.

What type of pool do you have?


For inground and onground pools you are more than likely to have a simple Standard Bead liner that installs easily into the pools coping.

  • Bullnose Coping
  • Cantilever Coping


With an Overlap Liner you have the option of Flat Coping, or Round Horseshoe Coping which will be determined by the type of pool wall you have. With a Standard Bead Liner there is the U/J Bead that uses the J-Hook Coping, Universal Bead which is able to use both J-Hook and Standard Bead Receiver, and our Standard Bead Receiver.

  • Standard Bead
  • Overlap
  • Universal/J-Hook

What color of pool water do you want to have?

You’ve made it through the hard part, now it’s time for the fun stuff - picking your colour and pattern! This will help you get a better understanding of how the liner colour changes from the shallow end to the deep end, hardscape to foliage, or sun to shade. Taking this in to account now, will help your overall pool design later.

Pattern and Border, or Plain with Order?

The final step is to determine what type of overall design you’re looking for. You already know the colour of the liner you want, but now is the time to consider whether you want that colour in a mosaic tile pattern, a flowing water pattern, a speckled pattern, or even a pebble pattern?

Full Pattern

Full pattern liners carry the design continuously throughout the pool all the way to the coping without a border.

Border Patterns

Border patterns have a border design to create a styled top edge around the pool.

Now that you’re prepared to find the perfect liner, it’s time to get looking! Find our Inground and Onground Liners Here, and our Above Ground Liners Here.


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