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5 Warning Signs That You Need A New Hot Tub Cover

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A hot tub cover is meant to make your ownership experience as enjoyable as possible by providing an energy and heat saving piece of equipment; that’s easy to take on and off at your leisure. But what happens when your cover gets old, and the once easy-to-lift cover gets heavy? Or, when the cover cracks, tears, gets worn, or sags? These are all problematic symptoms that may be telling you that it’s time to replace your hot tub cover. The purpose of a hot tub cover is to maintain the heat within your hot tub. Hot tub covers can save you from regularly re-filling your tub as they help to lessen evaporation. Covers can save you energy, and money, as you won’t have to constantly reheat your spa. As covers are inevitably exposed to years of wear and tear, they will begin to loosen, sag and lose their tight seal that helps to maintain the heat and water within them; making your hot tub experience less enjoyable and costing you money.

keep your eye out for these signs:

The Vinyl - Hot Tub Cover Replacement Blog
The Vinyl
Look for vinyl that is dry, brittle, dirty, torn or cracked. These are all indications that the cleanliness of the water, heat retention, and the look of the cover may all be compromised.



straps & locks
If one of the straps or locks on the cover is missing, broken or are not in proper working order, you should consider a new cover, or at the very least consider getting the piece fixed right away. Always take the time to ensure that your cover is correctly secured after each use as it provides peace of mind, and will ensure your cover is on properly.
The Vinyl - Hot Tub Cover Replacement Blog
The Vinyl - Hot Tub Cover Replacement Blog
foam core
Examine your cover to see if it’s sagging, heavy, or if it puddles. These could be signals that the foam core interior of your cover is broken, or that it has absorbed a lot of water. A sagging core creates gaps in the seal which may break the core further, or damage the metal channel. Broken seals allow heat to escape, making temperature control difficult; which can increase your hydro bill.



the hinge
Keep an eye out for a hinge tear that goes beyond the Heat Seal Shoe which is approximately 2” in from the outside edge. Tears of 6” or larger will most likely require a new cover, as heat will escape through the opening, lowering the temperature of water over time; or causing constant hydro in order to maintain temperature.
The Vinyl - Hot Tub Cover Replacement Blog
The Vinyl - Hot Tub Cover Replacement Blog
heat seal shoes
The ‘Shoe’ seals the gap between where the two halves of the cover meet. If this crucial point in the cover is damaged or torn, you may be significantly losing heat from the hot tub. This is something that may be re-stitched depending on the extent of the damage.


A new hot tub cover is a great way to breathe some life back into your hot tub, as well as your backyard space. We carry a large collection of hot tub covers from industry leading manufacturers. and as well as some of the best accessories to make your hot tub ownership experience as enjoyable as possible. See all covers and lifters

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