Hard-wired vs. plug ‘N Play

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There are few things more enjoyable than kicking back in an oasis of hot, relaxing water while an army of muscle-massaging jets work their tension-relieving magic. With a beverage in hand, the right tune on the radio and some quality company, it’s in that very moment you realize, “I need a hot tub.” Lucky for you, hot tub buying can be as quick and simple as possible, with a Plug N Play model, or may include a bit more planning and strategizing with a Hardwired model. To help you identify which hot tub is right for you, we’ve analyzed everything you need to consider when debating between a Hardwired Hot Tub and a Plug N Play Hot Tub.

plug ‘N Play hot tub benefits

110v Hot Tubs – also known as “Plug N Play” models – are making a strong presence in today’s hot tub market. Which is no surprise considering the quick and painles ease of use, the reduced up-front costs, and the ability to literally “plug it in and enjoy.”

hardwired hot tub benefits

Here’s an example

A large Hardwired Spa, with water temperature at 50 degrees needs to be heated to 104 degrees. The much larger Hardwired Spa may use 4000w to 6000w to reach the desired temperature in approximates 5-6 hours, whereas the Plug N Play model may use 500w to 1500w to yield the same temperature change in 15-20 hours.

And the winner is?...

…Entirely dependent on your needs, wants, budget, style and many other factors.
Having said that, here are a few takeaway points to remember when researching and planning your hot tub purchase:

plug ‘n Play models

  • plug n play hot tubs checkmarkSignificantly cheaper upfront costs and uses less wattage
  • plug n play hot tubs checkmarkDoesn’t usually need a pre-installation visit from a licensed electrician
  • plug n play hot tubs checkmarkTypically lose heat during the winter, as it’s pump and heater cannot operate at the same time
  • plug n play hot tubs checkmarkTakes 3 - 4 times longer to reach the same temperature for a much smaller spa

hardwired models

  • plug n play hot tubs checkmarkA more energy-efficient model, keeping your electricity bill lower, making it a more cost-
    effective option long-term
  • plug n play hot tubs checkmarkRequires a significant planning, electrical costs and material costs
  • plug n play hot tubs checkmarkMaintains water-temperature in the winter, as it’s able to run the pump and heater at the same time

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