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Hot Tub and Spa Design Inspiration

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Considering the purchase of a new hot tub or spa? Looking to renovate and update your backyard oasis? With years of experience in the hot tub and spa industry, we've seen our fair share of incredible backyard transformations. As a result, we've put together a list of our favorite hot tub and spa design ideas to kick-start your new hot tub addition.

Take It Down A Step

Take it down a step

For easier, convenient accesss, place your tub on the ground and build your deck or patio around it

Paradise Salina Spa from Caldera, this design creates a clean, seamless style. Additonally, the dropped-down hot tub creates an easy way to conveniently slip in and out of the tub while perfectly complementing a beautiful backyard landscape.

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A place for everything

A place for everything

Add functionality to your surrounding space with this elegant and intellectually-inspired design

Highlife Grandee Spa from HotSpring® Spas, this design kicks it up a notch by adding wind and weather protection with an elegant and durable glass wall.

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Blend with your exterior

Blend with your exterior

Purchase your hot tub so that it complements the exterior beauty of your home and yard

Hot Spring Grandee Spa beautifully blends the with colour of The Coghlan’s exterior. To make it even more impressive, this hot tub design has a built-up surrounding surface that can be used as a bar, or a place to set things while relaxing in the spa.

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Sink it down

sink it down

This stunning design featuring the HotSpring Highlife Vanguard model couple’s convenience with a sleek, seamless finish

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Keep it close and convenient

close and convenient

This design places the hot tub in an easily accessible location any time of year

Paradise Salina model from Caldera has been positioned for quick and easy access – so slipping in for a soak in the middle of winter is a breeze!

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Spill into the pool

spill into the pool

Whatever shape or size you’re looking for, this spillover hot tub is a great addition to a beautiful backyard

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