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Hot Tub Winterization Guide

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Soaking in a hot tub while watching the autumn leaves, or snow, fall down around you is such a wonderful experience. However, not all of our hot tub owners feel this way as they don't want to deal with the process of walking into, and out of, their hot tubs in the cold weather seasons. Because of this, a good portion of our customers choose to winterize their hot tubs once the cooler weather roles in.

Proper winterization is important, as it can save you a lot of money in hot tub repairs and maintenance in the future. Cold temperatures can cause serious damage to your hot tub; especially to plumbing lines if your hot tub is not being regularly used. Winterizing your hot tub is protecting your investment. The small amount of time you spend on winterization is worth it for the financial savings and equipment longevity that you’ll get in return.

We do offer professional spa winterizing services but, if you prefer to do it yourself, this blog is for you. We have created a 7 step guide to help you properly winterize your hot tub.



The first step to winterizing is often thought to be draining your spa, but this is wrong. Prior to draining the water from your spa, you need to make sure that your water's chemical levels drop; in particular, your chlorine and sanitizer levels. Your levels should drop after a few days of zero hot tub use. Once you have confirmed that your levels have dropped through water testing, you may now drain your tub.

We always recommend that you ensure that your water is safe to drain as you don't want any plants or animals coming in contact with highly chlorinated water!


Power Off

When we say turn off the power, we don't just mean the power button on your spa. This also includes turning the power off to your spa on your breaker. This is really important! Failing to cut the power to your hot tub properly can pose risk for the next few steps. Water and electricity do not mix. Please make sure that your power is fully cut off before proceeding to drain your spa.



This step is the fun part! First, remove the drain cap on your spa and then proceed to attach your garden hose to the drain spot. Please ensure that the other end of your hose is at an appropriate place to drain your spa water. You will be releasing roughly 400 gallons of water, or more. Please make sure that the drainage area can accommodate this much water. Depending on where you live, there may be municipal laws in place dictating where you can, or can not, drain your spas and pools. Please confirm this with your municipality before you choose your drainage spot.

If you'd like to drain your water out quickly, you may use a pump! When using a pump, you need to pay closer attention to your hot tub as you do not want your pump to run dry. Some of our customers use a pump and connect their hose to the drain spot as well; this makes the draining process go by as fast as possible!

Once you are finished draining your spa. You will notice that there will be approximately 1-2 inches of water left in your spa. Please do not worry, as the remaining water will be addressed later on in the winterization process.

If your hot tub has an air blower, you must drain the water from it before continuing! To properly drain your air blower, please follow the steps below:

✔ Turn off your heater

✔ Put your hot tub cover on

✔ Plug in your hot tub and turn the breaker on

✔ Turn your hot tub on so the air blower will run and remove any excess water

✔ Turn your hot tub off

✔ Turn your breaker off

✔ Remove your hot tub cover

✔ Return to winterization process



Filters need a break during the cold winter months when your spa is not in use. You definitely should not leave filters in your spa, especially if they are really dirty. Please remove your filters, clean them and store them away. We recommend doing a thorough filter cleanse after removal by leaving them in a chemical soak for 24 hours. If your filters still look a little "rough" after a thorough cleaning, you are likely due for new filters and should replace them.

After you remove your filters, if you notice any water leftover please remove it with a pump or shop vac!

spa filters


Clearing the water from your lines is key to proper spa winterization. If this isn't done properly, your spa will become exposed to serious damages. This is the most critical part of winterizing because leaving water in your plumbing lines throughout the cold winter months can lead to freezing and pipe breakage.

To properly drain your lines, please use a shop vac and turn it's setting to blow. Insert the hose into every drain, union, jet and filter cavity and let the shop vac blow into each one of these spots for at least 30 seconds. This will bring all of the water into the tub, which you can then easily drain out. We recommend repeating this process at least three times in order to ensure that all of the water is removed from your spa and pipe lines.



Now comes the easy part! Now that the water is drained from your spa, you are able to clean to your spa's shell to perfection. We recommend using soft cloths and sponges with your cleaning products. When cleaning, be sure to thoroughly clean around the jets, and in every nook and cranny, as best as you can.

Pro Tip: Remove the head rests and clean under. There might even be some water under there that you will be glad that you caught!



Before covering your spa, give your hot tub cover a good clean. The cover needs to be clean as it will remain closed on top of your hot tub for quite a few months. There are hot tub cover cleaners that have protectant in them, we recommend grabbing one of these.

Please make sure that your cover is dry before placing it back on your spa. We don't want to risk any mold growth! Please make sure that your hot tub cover is securely on your tub; invest in wind straps if necessary.

Now that you have completed all of these steps, your hot tub is officially winterized!


 Do You Prefer Not To DIY?

If the steps above sound complicated or you simply do not have time to complete them, we are here to help you! Our professional spa winterizing services will ensure that your lines have been drained properly and that your spa will remain in good condition during the harsh winter months. Please click on the button below to be re-directed to our spa winterization form.

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