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How To Shock Your Hot Tub

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With this cold weather rolling in, you are likely soaking into the warmth of your hot tubs more often. When hot tubs are under heavy usage, hot tub owners need to be meticulous about their spa's maintenance.

Often times, spa owners believe that regularly sanitizing their hot tubs will work to keep their spas spick and span. Although regular sanitization is important, shocking your spa on a regular basis is vital and if you are not shocking your hot tub, we encourage you to start doing so.

This blog will explain the importance of shocking your hot tub, and provide a simple guide on how to shock your spa properly.


 Why Do We Need To Shock Our Hot Tubs?

There are a few key reasons why shocking your hot tub is important.

✔ Shocking your hot tub kills bacteria! Even with regular sanitizing, bacteria can still sometimes survive. Shocking your spa will kill off any remaining bacteria.

✔ Shocking your hot tub removes organic and inorganic contaminants. As humans, we shed skin cells, oils, and other products that we put on our bodies. These contaminants can quickly accumulate in your spa, causing your water to cloud and buildup to begin occurring on your spa's shell. Shocking your spa will remove these contaminants and give you back your clean, sparkling water.

✔ Shocking your spa breaks down chloramines. Why would we want to break down chloramines? Chloramines are essentially, "used chlorine particles". When chlorine combines with organic and inorganic contaminants, chloramines are formed and create a strong chlorine odour. This smell indicates that there is far too much used chlorine particles and that your spa needs a cleansing.



 The Shocking Check List!

Before we give you our step by step hot tub shocking instructions, please make sure you have the following:

✔ Hot Tub Shock - When you pick up your shock in store, please ask one of our pros about which shock pairs best with your sanitizer!

✔ Test Strips - These will come in handy before and after you shock your spa!

✔ Gloves & Safety Goggles - Don't wear your church clothes for this one!



 How To Shock A Hot Tub!

Before shocking your hot tub, please remove your spa cover. You will leave the cover off throughout the entire process and for a short while after the process.

The first step is to always test your spa water. We encourage you to make sure that your spa water's pH is within the 7.4 to 7.6 range. If your spa's pH is off, your shock will not be as effective. Please do what you have to do to ensure that your spa water is within the correct range before adding your shock.

Once your water is at the correct pH, please turn off your blower and jets. Your circulation pump will need to stay on in order to be able to properly circulate the shock throughout your spa. After doing this, wait a few minutes before proceeding to ensure that water activity has calmed down.

Now that your water is ready to be shocked, please put on any safety gear or gloves to ensure that your eyes, clothes and hands do not come in contact with the shock. It is always best to be safe!

You are now ready to pour your shock. Please ensure that you have measured your shock properly. Do not pour shock directly into your tub without measuring it first! Please pay attention to your shock's warning labels as well.

After your shock is measured, slowly add your shock into your spa (according to the instructions). Now, you can let the shock do it's job! After 20 minutes, you may re-cover your spa or hop in for a soak if your water tests come back within range!



 Pro Tips!

✔ We encourage our spa owners to shock their hot tubs at least once a week!

✔ Wait at least 20-30 minutes after shocking your spa to resume soaking into warmth. However, do this only if your water is tested and all levels are perfect!

✔ The sun can burn off chlorine, always shock your spa in the early morning hours or in the evening!


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