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Want To Save Water, Time and Money? Here’s How!

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Water is a resource that everyone must work to preserve. Reducing evaporation helps conserve water in your pool and also reduces the amount of fill water needed during the summer season. We want to save your water and encourage you to take a look at one of our favourite pool technologies, the Liquid Solar Cover.

 Trust the professionals when we say that we can save you water, money and energy with the use of a Liquid Solar Cover product as part of your pool maintenance program. Also known as evaporation suppressants, Liquid Solar Covers do not work to heat the pool water, but instead reduce heat loss due to water vaporization. When your pool water evaporates, this process is using energy in the form of heat. Energy is needed as water molecules begin to dance around and dislocate into a vapour gas. Using an evaporation suppressant, drastically reduces this process by controlling the rate at which vapour disassociates from the water surface, slowing down the moving molecules.

Is It A Leak Or Evaporation? 

Before you proceed further, you must determine if what you're dealing with is in fact evaporation, or a pool leak. There are a few factors that affect how much evaporation takes place, such as: pool exposure to sun, wind, barometric pressure and the amount of activity in your pool. To determine if what your dealing with is either a pool leak or evaporation, we have listed our Leak Detection Test steps below to help you make this conclusion.

1. Fill your pool to your normal fill level, then fill a 5 gallon bucket with pool water, until it is about 5 inches from the top.

2. Immerse this bucket, at least 5 inches in the water, on a stable step or bench in the pool. Mark the water level inside the bucket with a sharpie marker or duct tape.

3. Turn off your pool pump and mark the pool water level on the outside of the bucket with marker or duct tape. Once complete, turn the pump back on and resume normal operation.

4. After 24 hours, compare these two water levels.

If the water level in the pool goes down more than the water level in the bucket, there is likely a leak in your pool. If the water levels are about the same, this is likely due to evaporation. Water loss in a typical swimming pool is about 1/4″ a day. However, this can vary depending on your weather conditions and the amount of direct sunlight your pool receives. A Liquid Solar Cover can significantly reduce water loss due to evaporation.

Your Pool Is Blowing Off Steam

If you've confirmed that your pool is in fact losing water due to evaporation, keep on reading as this will save you water, time and money. Please be aware that some pool water loss is inevitable, as water closest to the surface is constantly changing into water vapour. If your pool is on the larger scale, more of your pool water will evaporate. If your water temperature is higher than the surrounding air, your pool water will also evaporate. Windy conditions may also increase water evaporation and the strength of radiation from the sun also plays a large role in evaporation as well.

When water evaporates from pools, the water levels need to be topped up. As a result, additional solids are left behind, due to only pure water being evaporated. This often results in an increase of calcium hardness. This is why reducing evaporation using a Liquid Solar Cover can help maintain the integrity of your pool water and save you money and maintenance fees.

Here's The Truth

The technology of these evaporation suppressants use monomolecular films. These films are a single molecule in thickness but create strong additional surface tensions. The Liquid Solar Cover chemicals themselves are harmless fatty alchohols that simply float on the surface of your pool water.

Dispersants are also used in Liquid Solar Cover formulas to help spread the product across your pool water. Liquid Solar Cover products have been tested for decades and are continually found to be non-toxic. Moreover, the same ingredients found in most Liquid Solar Cover products can also be found in cosmetics, detergents and are commonly used for food preservation. The only warning we tell our clients is that the product itself can be flammable, so keep your Liquid Solar Cover bottles away from your fire pits!

How Do Liquid Solar Covers Work?

Liquid Solar Covers create an invisible barrier on the surface of your pool water to help trap in heat and reduce evaporation. The product is added to your skimmer, while the circulation system is running, to efficiently disperse the monomolecular layer across your pool water's surface; similar to the concept of putting a lid on a boiling pot of water.

Despite this product's ability to move with the motion of your pool water surface, it can become disrupted when the surface is broken through swimming, heavy rain or high winds. When this happens, the opportunity for evaporation to occur presents itself. The good news is that although the pool water surface can be broken when swimmers or certain weather conditions are present, the tight molecular arrangement of the product allows it to reform quickly.

Backed By Your Pool Professionals

The typical evaporation reduction rate of Liquid Solar Covers are 15 - 40 percent! Upon considering that a typical pool contains 15,000 gallons of water, and loses approximately 1500 gallons per month in summer, a Liquid Solar Cover can save you between 225 - 600 gallons of water per summer month. This means that over the course of the summer, you can be saving between 675 - 1800 gallons of water!

Liquid Solar Covers are continually becoming the top choice for evaporation reduction, because not only do they cover more surface area than traditional solar blanket covers, but they also add protection to your pool water chemistry. Another benefit, maintenance time is nearly cut in half with the use of a Liquid Solar Cover over a traditional solar blanket cover.

Liquid Solar Covers fix one of the number one problems of traditional solar blanket covers, which is that they detract from the beauty of your pool. You want to see the shining, bright blue beauty in your backyard oasis, not cover it up with a solar blanket. And lets be honest, after a long day of work the last thing you want to do is grapple with your solar blanket in order to be able to enjoy an after work swim.

For the reasons above and more, a Liquid Solar Cover is a great addition to your pool maintenance routine that will save you energy, chemicals, money, time and most importantly, water.

We Have What You Need

Our Pioneer Professional choice for a Liquid Solar Cover product is Natural Chemistry Cover Free. Natural Chemistry Cover Free is a patented technology that doubles as a revolutionary evaporation deducting product. Natural Chemistry is made up of an advanced mono-layer product that assists in preventing water evaporation and conserves the heat in your swimming pool. Cover Free is pH neutral and will help to save your pool water from evaporation.

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