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How to Maintain and Protect your Hot Tub this Winter!

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Hot Tub Maintenance & Protection Tips for Winter

Winter is here!  All you want is to stay warm and enjoy time with your loved ones. There are various ways to warm yourself: with your cozy cap and scarf, or hold a cup of tea. Instead, a hot tub can offer a more pleasant option to stay warm this winter.Without putting on layer after layer of clothing, hot tubs are a fantastic way to beat the winter chill. You may turn the water's temperature up to 104 degrees, which will make you forget about the below-freezing temps.


Firstly, don’t forget to check the Hot Tub frequently during the week, if not daily, during these chilly days to make sure everything is functioning as it should. Act promptly to avoid the harm that freezing of the water within the pipes causes, just as your house heater went out.


When there is a power outage, it's critical to protect your home, particularly in the winter. You want to be able to be secure, warm, and guard against needless harm. It's crucial to keep an eye on your spa and prevent it from freezing during a power outage. For at least a few days, the hot tub cover will prevent the water from freezing.


The plumbing and equipment inside such peripheral cabinet sections can start to freeze in a few hours, even though the body of water may not begin to freeze for several days.


Now, let's go over the fundamentals of maintaining a hot tub in the winter.

Purchase a durable cover

Maintain and Protect your Hot Tub

Please don’t try to save money on a hot hub cover. You can prevent snow and other debris out of your hot tub's water by having an airtight seal on it. Additionally, it will preserve the heat inside so that you can jump in whenever you like. Because your heater won't have to work as hard to keep your water heated, a quality cover will also save your energy expenditures. Check out our wide varieties of Lifters and Hot Tub Covers:

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A supply of spa chemicals on hand

Maintain and Protect your Hot Tub

When the snow starts to fall and the temperatures drop, we start to wonder, "Do I really need that?" before leaving the house. Avoid being caught short on the correct chemicals to balance your hot tub as you're kicking back for a winter weekend at home. To extend the lifespan of your heating and filtration equipment, it's critical to maintain a stable pH level in your hot tub water. The majority of hot tub owners are aware of the importance of controlling chlorine levels to prevent skin and eye irritations, but it's crucial to keep in mind that pH and alkalinity also have an impact. The efficiency of your chlorine and the longevity of your pumps and filters are impacted by the ph and alkalinity levels.

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Filter cleaning for hot tubs

Maintain and Protect your Hot Tub

Hot tub filters can easily get clogged with debris since they collect dirt and residue in the water. You must regularly check, clean, and replace your hot tub filters because of this. At the very least once every week, you should quickly rinse your hot tub filters. This entails carefully cleaning in between the pleats while running your filter under clean water.

Regular deep cleaning of your filters is also advised. We advise giving your filters a deeper soak and scrub with filter cleaning each time you replace the water in your hot tub.

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All done! Keeping a hot tub running during the winter is useful and effective. Your hot tub can become a regular part of your self-care routine if you follow a simple maintenance schedule and keep an eye on things on a regular basis. So grab a beverage, and put on your favourite playlist before walking outside to enjoy your Hot Tub Spa.

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