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Pool Vacuum & Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

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When should your automatic pool vacuum be upgraded? You've come to the right place if your pool vacuum or cleaner isn't cleaning as well as it once did or if you're simply seeking a more effective method. We will assist you in your research with our Buyer's Guide for Pool Vacuums & Cleaners.

You must first choose the type of pool cleaner you want before we go too far into reviewing the various types and their characteristics. Suction side, Pressure side, and Robotic are the three categories of automatic pool cleaners. The product highlights are below if you already know the type of cleaner you need!

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In this buyer's guide for pool cleaners, we'll start by discussing robotic pool cleaners. The most cutting-edge cleaners on the market belong to this class. First and foremost they are extremely energy efficient, they are appropriate for all types of pools and reduce wear and tear on your pump and filtration system. Some of the more modern robotic pool cleaners also support Wi-Fi. As a result, you can configure and manage your cleaner directly from your smartphone.


Polaris Alpha IQ Plus+ Robotic Cleaner


The Polaris Alpha iQ Plus+ Robotic Cleaner, which uses strategic cleaning for a sparklingly clean pool, introducing the next stage of intelligent robotic pool cleaners. The Polaris Alpha iQ Plus+ Robotic Cleaner, which provides the ultimate tailored cleaning solution with the SMART Cycle feature that learns your pool, determines the most effective time to remove debris while accumulating data to make automated modifications as it cleans. The data is then transferred to your iAquaLink app, where you have complete access and more power to monitor cleaning status, check the water temperature, and even spot clean certain areas of your pool.


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InoPool 700+ Cordless Rechargeable Robotic Cleaner


The only Robotic Pool Vacuum that is CORDLESS. With a wall-climbing feature, a 4-wheel drive system, and intelligent scanning, the InoPool 700+ is a sophisticated cordless robotic pool cleaner. It is a first-rate cleaner in every way. After only 7-8 hours of charge, the powerful battery provides up to 90 minutes of non-stop cleaning. It's cordless nature means no tangling. With its cutting-edge design, this automatic pool cleaner can clean inground pools up to 40 feet long. If you’re looking for robotic intelligence at a fair price, this could be the perfect solution for you.


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The suction side pool cleaners are the next topic of discussion as we delve further into the buyer's guide. A suction side pool cleaner relies on the suction produced by your pool pump, as opposed to robotic pool cleaners, which are totally independent of your pool plumbing. These cleaners are connected to the pool skimmer or special suction line. Keep your skimmer basket, pump basket, and pool filter clean and clear of extra debris since your pool equipment filters the debris using this kind of automatic cleaning. These cleaners are the most affordable and need less upkeep over time, which makes them a popular option for many pool owners.


The Zodiac MX8 Elite


The Zodiac MX8 Elite is the first suction pool cleaner with cyclonic brush technology, which continuously spins, scrubs, and maintains contact with pool surfaces to agitate and remove dirt that has become stuck on your pools surface. The MX8 Elite has maX-Drive Navigation for increased pool coverage and agile programmed handling, as well as aggressive wall climbing to scrub at the tile line. Using twin cyclonic technology, the MX8 Elite actively combats debris regardless of the surface. This low-flow, energy-efficient suction cleaner outperforms other high-end mechanical suction cleaners with its complete, comprehensive clean thanks to its wide cleaning path and convertible vacuum inlet, which allows for larger debris to pass through.


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Polaris ATLAS™ XT

The ATLAS XT cleaner has efficient patterning that enables it to turn right or left as it traverses the pool, ensuring that no area is left uncleaned. It also includes programmed navigation that ensures complete pool coverage. Strong treads extend the life of the ATLAS XT cleaner's tracks and provide exceptional traction for climbing any pool surface by reducing track wear and tear. There is no need to run the pump at full speed because the ATLAS XT cleaner features a hydraulic design that operates at reduced flow rates. The Regulator Valve automatically regulates excessive water flow to prolong it's life, guaranteeing long lasting performance. You don't need to buy a new cleaner when the bristles on your old one wear out because scrubbing brushes on the Atlas XT are simple to remove and replace when they become worn or dirty. You can extend your hose length to 39' with patented twist-lock hose couplings and never worry about loose connections.


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Voltera 105 Extra Wide Heavy Duty Rechargeable Pool Vacuum

The new Kokido Voltera 105 is a robust, extra-wide-bodied rechargeable pool vacuum made to remove both large and small particles from the bottom of your pool, such as sand and dirt. Through the side channels, which concentrate suction for maximum effectiveness, debris is drawn in. You can see the debris that was gathered throughout the cleaning process thanks to the transparent canister design, which makes it easy to when it needs to be emptied!


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Last but not least, we've come to the segment of our buyers guide with pressure side pool cleaners. Compared to a suction side cleaner, this type of automatic pool cleaner puts less stress on your pool filter. However, in order to function, pressure side cleaners still rely on the pressure produced by your pool pump. In order to propel trash into the onboard filter bag or canister, they attach to the pressure side of the pool's return line. They can also aid in more dispersing heat more effectively from your pool heater because they draw from the return line. A specific booster pump can be needed if the pressure from your pump is insufficient. Because many models are built with a large capacity debris canister, these cleaners are great for pools surrounded by leafy trees.


Zodiac T5 Duo


The Zodiac T5 Duo is a suction side pool cleaner that provides maximum durability and cleaning power. The durable Dura Life Diaphragm, which has just one moving part, is used by the dependable Zodiac T5 to offer a long-lasting and simple-to-maintain cleaner. Maximum durability and silent operation are features of the Dura Life Diaphragm. With two separate discs, the Duo Disc System offers a tighter clean for improved coverage, increased pool adhesion, and flexibility. The Zodiac T5 Duo's fins enable unhindered cleaning over lighting fixtures, main drains, and wall fixtures that could restrict other cleaners.


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G3 Inground Pool Cleaner

The inground Zodiac G3 pool cleaner provides efficient and effective cleaning of your pool's steps, walls, and floor. The G3 offers the best overall clean thanks to its 36-fin disc and unique Quick Release Cassette technology. The pool floor, walls, and steps will be fully cleaned by this Zodiac cleaner as it quickly inhales small and medium particulate.


Along with a FlowKeeper Valve, this cleaner comes with long-life hoses that are strong, resistant to scuffing, and appropriate for all pool surfaces. Even with low-speed pumps, this self-adjusting flow control valve maintains top performance by automatically regulating water flow. The shape and size of the pool and it's water flow determine the G3's coverage.


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Kontiki Above Ground Pool Cleaner

The Kontiki above ground automatic pool cleaner was designed by Zodiac Pool Systems Canada Inc. This cleaner is designed and manufactured for easy installation and years of care-free operation. It runs on the suction generated by your pool pump. The Kontiki 2 moves slowly over the bottom of the pool, picking up debris, and carrying it to the pool’s filter system for removal. This Suction cleaner will keep your pool free of dirt and debris while allowing you more time to enjoy your pool. With only ONE moving part it is easily maintained, and easy to use.


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We sincerely hope that buying your next automated pool cleaner was made easier by this buyer's guide. We can provide additional support if you still need assistance deciding which type or model is best for your pool and your budget. To speak with one of our helpful and educated pool professionals, call or visit your nearby store front right away!


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