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How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Hot Tub Foam

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Although we all love a foamy bubble bath, foam in your hot tub does not have the same connotation and can indicate that your tub is requiring some deep cleaning, water re-balancing and TLC. This blog aims to help all hot tub owners fight the good fight against hot tub foam! In this blog we discuss the main culprits behind hot tub foam, how to get rid of hot tub foam and also, how to prevent hot tub foam.




If you regularly maintain your spa's water chemistry, your sanitizing chemicals are efficiently working with your water to neutralize surfactants.

If you do however miss a few maintenance days, this could mean that surfactants are building up. A build up of surfactants lend themselves to create hot tub foam! Please continue to read below and become mindful of the main surfactants behind hot tub foam and unbalanced spa water.


Personal Products & Soaps

Makeup, laundry detergent, soap, conditioner, shampoo, lotion, hair gel, perfume, and deodorant are just some of the personal products and soaps that can make your sanitizing chemicals work overtime, which can eventually lead to pesky, hot tub foam. The more of these products that you use, the more likely it is that surfactants will have an easier time building up within your hot tub.


You might enjoy a cool drink, or even a hot chocolate, while you're soaking in the tub. This is a common practice of hot tub soaking, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! However, please be warned that any drink spillage can lead to foaming. If you do spill your drink, after your soak we recommend that you perform a little water maintenance and TLC to your spa.


The human body produces oils and regularly sheds dead skin cells. Sanitizing agents work to rid your spa of these surfactants but as mentioned previously, if there is an excess, or you are skipping maintenance days, the surfactants will over power your sanitizers and hot tub foam can form.

Low Calcium

Low calcium hardness may also cause hot tub foam and other issues such as, corrosion, or damages to your hot tub's shell. Please, always regularly test your calcium levels!




Before you do anything corrective, test your water to find out what your pH, alkalinity and sanitizer levels are. This is important as you will see what your water chemistry looks like when you are experiencing hot tub foam or a surfactant build up. Knowing these levels is important as you can hopefully use these levels as a benchmark to prevent foam or surfactant build up in the future!

Once you’ve tested, please drain and clean your hot tub. Please note that if you have enough surfactants in your water to cause foaming, that you may also need to do a line flush and replace your spa filters as well.

How to Drain Your Hot Tub
  1. Use a line flush product, as needed, according to the package directions.
  2. Remove the spa filters. Depending on how dirty they are, you can either clean and soak them, or replace them. Always keep a good quality filter soak sanitizer on hand!
  3. Turn off the power to your hot tub, disconnect anything electrical, and trip the breaker.
  4. Drain your hot tub using a sump pump or the drain plug.
How To Clean & Refill Your Hot Tub
  1. Once your hot tub is entirely drained, wipe down the interior surface with a hot tub cleaner.
  2. Thoroughly rinse the hot tub cleaner off of the inside of your hot tub and then, wipe it down.
  3. Make sure to remove all traces of cleaner. Otherwise, you’ll end up with foamy water again, as soaps and certain cleaners can mess with your sanitizers!
  4. Replace your filters if they need replacing. Or, make sure that they have been properly cleansed and soaked.
  5. Refill your hot tub. We recommend that you use a hose filter, such as the Spa Solution Carbon Block Filter!

After you’ve drained, cleaned, and refilled your hot tub, test the water, add the necessary chemicals, and allow your freshly treated water to circulate for at least a day. When the circulation process is complete, please test your water one more time to make sure that your spa is ready for soaking!





Experiencing a foamy spa might feel overwhelming, but correcting foam in a hot tub is relatively simple. Once you have a clean hot tub and fresh water, preventing foam in the future will be easy. Just remember to avoid adding things to your water that may make your sanitizing chemicals work overtime; and please keep a regular maintenance schedule!

Properly following the simple steps below means that you will have more time to enjoy relaxing in your foam-free hot tub.

Recommendations For Hot Tub Users
  1. Jump in the shower before going in your spa in order to remove any soap residue or personal products.
  2. Rinse your clean bathing suit with fresh water before getting in your hot tub.
  3. Avoid dunking your head underwater unless you’re sure your hair is mostly free of natural oils, conditioner, and hair styling products.
  4. Keep sugary or alcoholic drinks away from the hot tub. This eliminates the chance of something spilling in the water.
Recommendations For Maintenance
  1. Buy your chemicals from a trusted source, even if you end up paying a little more. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.
  2. Maintain a regular hot tub maintenance schedule. This includes weekly or biweekly water testing, and a full hot tub draining and cleaning every three to four months.



Quality hot tub chemicals are always very important for hot tub maintenance. Your hot tub is an investment and treating it properly with correct, high quality chemicals will allow you to get significantly more, and longer, usage out of your spa. Please click the button below to see our favourite, high quality, hot tub chemicals that we recommend for you.


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