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See How A Liner Is Installed

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Transform your pool from a tired and old liner, to something new and exciting with ease this season. Our professional installation teams can bring any pool back to life with a fresh new liner. Watch as our installers complete a full liner removal, cleaning, and installation from start to finish in a matter of time.
  • liner-rep-step-1

    Step 1: Removal

    • Remove any debris left over
    • Clean pool structure using hose
    • Remove all remaining water from pool
  • liner-rep-step-2

    Step 2: Preparation

    • Take off cover, remove debris and water from pool
    • Take off all faceplates and gaskets from skimmer, jets, and lights
    • Cut liner into small manageable portions and remove from pool
  • liner-rep-step-3

    Step 3: Installation

    • Unravel liner and begin installing in shallow end
    • Once liner is in place, run vacuum to remove air between liner and pool
    • Work out wrinkles and begin filling deep end of pool with fresh water
    • Once water is high enough re-install gaskets and remove vacuum
    • Let water reach operating level and enjoy your new liner!

LIner Install VIDEO

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