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Winter Hot Tub Maintenance: Keeping the Chill at Bay

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Winter Hot Tub Maintenance: Keeping the Chill at Bay

As winter approaches, many Canadians eagerly anticipate the joy of defying the cold by heading outside in their swim trunks and slipping into a cozy hot tub. The contrast between the warm water and the bracing cold air, along with the snowflakes gently falling, creates a magical experience. For those who relish the cold or can't afford a trip to a warmer destination like Florida, a hot tub is an invigorating way to embrace the long Canadian winter months.

If you're a hot tub owner, it's essential to prepare your hot tub for the upcoming winter season. Changing your hot tub's water is a crucial part of this preparation. Here's why you should consider changing your hot tub's water before the temperature drops too low.

Why Change the Water at All?

Maintaining the water quality in your hot tub is essential to prevent damage to equipment and ensure the safety of bathers. Without regular checks and adjustments to your hot tub's chemical balance, the water can become corrosive. While cloudiness is a visual indicator of water quality issues, it's best to use a total dissolved solids test.

Every time you use your hot tub, substances like sweat and detergent are left behind, and even the chemicals you add to the water contribute to the total dissolved solids. The test measures how many parts per million (ppm) of dissolved solids are present. Once your water reaches around fifteen hundred ppm, it's time for a water change.

Why Change Before Winter?

The frequency of water changes depends on your hot tub usage. At a minimum, you should change the water every four months. Consider changing the water after hosting a gathering, as multiple people using the spa in a short timeframe can affect water quality.

The key reason to change the water before the temperature drops is simple: it makes the process a whole lot easier. Colder weather, snow, and ice can make this chore unpleasant and even potentially hazardous to your equipment. If you choose to drain your hot tub during winter, be mindful of where you dispose of the water to avoid creating icy patches that could lead to slips.

How to Change Your Hot Tub's Water

Before emptying your hot tub, ensure you clean the plumbing. Use a system flushing product to remove any organic matter and help prevent future water chemistry issues.

  • Turn off your hot tub.
  • Remove and clean the filters.
  • Drain your hot tub.
  • Take this opportunity to clean your hot tub's surfaces (a task that would be much more challenging in the dead of winter).
  • Refill your hot tub.
  • Turn on the equipment.
  • Balance the water chemistry; consider using a Spa Starter Kit for this.
  • Reattach your hot tub cover, and if it's old, think about ordering a replacement cover.

In some rare instances, like during a prolonged power outage, you might need to empty your hot tub during the winter months. However, in most cases, it's not advisable. Instead, stay on top of your hot tub maintenance schedule. Preparing your hot tub before winter hits allows you to enjoy fresh, clean water all winter long. And in our opinion, that's something worth planning for.

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