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Rye Park Manor


A large Rectangular Lap Pool and several luxurious chaise lounge chairs make Rye Park Manor a true retreat. The rejuvenating 16′ x 40′ Modern Rectangular Inground provides plenty of room for guests to splash around in. The Full Black Galaxy Liner gives the pool water it’s rich, blue hue and contributes to the manor’s luxurious atmosphere. The Custom Corner Step with Bench combination offers a spot for guests to sit comfortably and cool off in the dark blue water. With a 3′ x 2′ LED Sheer Descent Water Feature, the manor’s spa-like ambiance is really felt.

The Rye Park Manor pool is equipped with our EcoPool Clean Assist System. EcoPool is an advanced in-floor pool circulation system, custom designed for each pool, to maximize circulation and improve the overall swimming environment. EcoPool maintains a healthier pool while helping to reduce chemical and energy costs.

  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Size: 16 x 40
  • Liner: Full Black Galaxy
  • Features List: Sheer Descent, Lighting System, Safety Rail, Vinyl Over Steps