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The Velans


“Life is better by the pool”, most definitely applies to the Velan family’s backyard! There are so many features about the Velan backyard that we adore. From the awe-inspiring view of endless greenery, to the jump rock that fits perfectly in place, and to the large pool house complete with a pergola. Relaxing in the Velan backyard must feel like you are vacationing in a country oasis.

The Velan family selected a modern rectangular shape for their inground and chose to finish it with our full blue beach pebble vinyl liner. When the Velans are not relaxing under their pergola or lounging in the sun on their chaise loungers, they can be seen splashing around in their massive 18′ x 36′ inground.

Complete with a custom vinyl over step entryway and a stunning sheer descent waterfall feature, the Velan family pool will be the source of family fun for many years to come.

  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Size: 18' x 36'
  • Liner: Full Blue Beach Pebble
  • Features List: Jump Rock, Sheer Descent, Lighting System, Vinyl Over Steps