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We want to make things easier for our beloved hot tub customers! We have created a list of our favourite hot tub hacks to help you become a hot tub maintenance pro. The more you utilize these simple, easy to do, hacks, the more confident you’ll feel as a hot tub owner!

If however, you are stuck and need help with your hot tub, we are more than happy to help you out! Click here to be re-directed to our hot tub service page.




There is nothing like a good bleaching to keep things clean. You may be thinking, “Bleach? What on earth could we use that for?” Well, we recommend using a diluted bleach mixture on your hot tub cover! Hot tub covers are constantly working to keep your hot tub's heat and moisture in. Therefore, they are bound to get musty from time to time; and tack on a little bit of mildew!

Keep your hot tub cover fresh and in good condition by using a diluted bleach mixture (10 parts water to 1 part bleach) on it at least once a month. To clean: please wear gloves, take a cleaning cloth, dip it in the solution and wipe down your cover on both sides. Once this is done, rinse your cover gently (in a safe area, away from where you children or animals play), let it dry and then re-cover your spa! You will be thankful for this hack in the long run.



Another hot, hot tub hack, pun intended, is setting a timer when you are re-filling your spa! A lot of us are guilty of placing our hose in the tub and walking away to putter with other things in our backyards. Sometimes, when we have momentarily forgotten that our hot tubs are being filled, we rush back to see that our tubs have overflown. This can cause a big mess and even “fry” your equipment!

To prevent this, simply set a timer on your phone that will alert you when you need to check the progress. If your spa needs more re-filling, simply set another shorter timer; and so on, until you are satisfied with your water level.




A simple hot tub hack that will make your life easier is attaching a hose filter to your hose when you are topping up your tub. You want to start your water re-balancing process with the cleanest water possible. Attaching a hose filter will allow this to happen and will make maintenance a lot easier.

If you can’t get your hands on a hose filter, simple place your hose in your hot tub’s filter area!



Here in Canada, our winter weather often reaches below 0 °. If your hot tub is not being put to use during the cold winter months, we recommend winterizing it! If not, keep your hot tub’s temperature consistent with proper heating, covering and adding a space heater if needed. You do not want to let your hot tub freeze!

A frozen hot tub will cause severe spa and spa equipment damage! If you need help winterizing your spa, please click here to visit our hot tub winterizing guide. Or, please click here to connect with a hot tub service technician.




It is always smart to play it safe and have a backup filter cartridge. Your hot tub filter is the “liver” of your spa. It is smart to not overwhelm it and keep your filter cartridges clean with regular sanitation and soaking. Sometimes, after thorough cleaning and soaking, a filter cartridge is simply on it’s way out and needs to be replaced with a new one.

We recommend that you always keep an extra filter cartridge on hand. You’ll be thankful when your hot tub is in critical need of a fresh cartridge!



This may be obvious to some hot tub owners, but not to so obvious to others. Keep your pool chemicals in your pool and out of your hot tubs! Hot tubs work best with proper hot tub chemicals. Sometimes, using pool chemicals in your hot tub can wreak havoc. The main reason is, pool chemicals have stronger chemical makeups as they are meant to treat larger bodies of water.

You definitely don’t want to over-treat your spa water with pool chemicals. Doing so can cause issues with your water, your shell and more!




Sometimes, our hot tubs leak or crack, and we need to be able to see where the problem areas are! It is a lot of work, and sometimes a pain, to drain and re-fill your spa. If you are in a time pinch but really want to locate the source of your hot tub troubles, grab some dish soap from your kitchen!

Once you have your liquid dish soap, add a squirt or two to your hot tub water. The hot tub water will quickly calm and spread. Your spa water will become more clear and you’ll be able to locate what is going on beneath the surface of the water.



This hot tub hack is quite simple, but effective! Keep your hot tub cover on when your spa is not in use! Your hot tub cover helps your spa keep it's temperature and keep out unwanted contaminants.

FYI! For all of our bromine users, UV light can break up bromine and cause it to lose it’s effectiveness! Keep your cover on your spa when it is not in use, always.




Nowadays, it is very common for a household to choose to run their dishwasher or do laundry in off-peak hours, or hours of lowest demand. The same rule of thumb can be applied to your hot tub heating! We recommend checking with your utility provider first, but, heating your hot tub during off-peak hours can save you some money!



Sometimes, we use vinegar in our household cleaning routines. Why not use a little in your spa when you are in a pinch?! If you frequently experience hard water in your spa, your jets likely have a calcium build-up on them. To get rid of stubborn, stuck on calcium, we recommend using some white vinegar when you need to scrub your spa’s valves and jets.

The acid found in the vinegar will dissolve the stubborn, caked-on, calcium. Since vinegar is an acid, be sure to check your spa’s water chemistry afterwards and re-balance your pH if necessary.



Do you have any hot tub hacks of your own? Feel free to share them with us!


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