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How To Winterize Your Blue Connect Plus

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To own a Blue Connect Plus is to love a Blue Connect Plus. This revolutionary pool product has changed the pool game and has become a customer favourite. The Blue Connect Plus is a device that combines a water quality sensor and smart algorithms that mix water data, weather data and user data. The Blue Connect Plus, and it's smartphone app, help you look after your pool 24/7, even if you aren’t near your pool. Thanks to Blue Connect Plus, there is no more uncertainty about what is happening with your pool while you are in it or away from it.

As the weather has started to cool down, some of you may be wondering how you can effectively winterize and store your Blue Connect Plus. Proper winterization is key for the longevity of this product but lucky for you, Blue Connect Plus winterization is very simple and should not take you long.

We have created a simple step by step guide about Blue Connect Plus winterization. Below you will find helpful, step by step, information on how to properly winterize your Blue Connect Plus:

✓ Within Bluetooth distance, open the Blue Connect app on your phone.

✓ Go to settings >My Analyzer > Standby Mode. Turning on Standby Mode will stop the alarm notifications from going to your phone.

✓ Remove the water cap on the bottom of your unit.

✓ In the stand that the unit was shipped in, we recommend that you place some Potassium Chloride. If you are unable to get Potassium Chloride, you may use water and a teaspoon of table salt. Please note that potassium chloride solution is found in the Blue Connect Calibration Kit, which we do carry in store.

✓ Screw your Blue Connect Plus onto it's stand to complete your winterization process.

✓ If you are using the bluefit50, a plumbing fitting that mounts the blue connect inline, you just need to place the winterizing cap that your system was shipped with onto the bluefit50. If your Blue Connect Plus stays in the pool, you do not have to worry about this step.


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