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Pool Chemicals You Need When Closing Your Pool

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With summer coming to a close and the colder weather starting to roll in, pool owners are likely preparing for their pool closings. At this time of year, we always inform our customers that a proper pool closing makes for a smoother pool opening in the spring.

There are specific pool chemicals, pool closing products and practices that we recommend for a proper pool closing. This blog focuses on the proper pool chemicals you need to close your pool properly and why.


1. Antifreeze

Antifreeze is a powerful, multi-use product, safe for use with pools, cottages, boats, campers and more! It is specially formulated to burst protect water systems during the Winter season up to -50 degrees Celsius.

Antifreeze is safe, easy to use and corrosion resistant! Frozen pipes are a big risk as they can severely damage your pool and it's equipment. Play it safe with some Antifreeze!




2. Chlorine

Whether you prefer to use a granular or liquid form of chlorine, this chemical always comes recommended in any pool closing as it can help to rid your pool of bacterias and contaminants.

You'll want your pool to be squeaky clean so that no growth or contaminants can fester and spread throughout the winter months.


liquid chlorine




3. Algaecide

Liquid Algaecide is a speciality prevention chemical. An Algaecide is intended to help prevent the growth of algae. Our algaecide is formulated to be compatible with your other pool chemicals, and is one of the most effective ways of preventing algae infestations. You'll definitely want to use an algaecide in your water chemistry routine during your pool closing.

Opening your pool to algae blooms in the spring will not be fun and will cost you money and time to correct. It is best to take preventative measures with a good, quality algaecide.


Algaecide 40% 4 L




4. Oxidizer

Pool Oxidizer provides a non-chlorine method of oxidizing your pool water. Often regarded as a much safer and less messy way than using an un-stabilized chlorine, oxidizer is just as effective in burning off organic contaminants and converting combined chlorine into free chlorine.

An oxidizer has relatively little effect on the other parameters of your pool water. If you'd prefer an oxidizer over chlorine, go for it absolutely!


Oxidizer 8 KG




5. Stain & Scale Preventer

A stain scale prevention is a liquid solution readily available for battling staining and scaling in swimming pools. Stain & Scale prevention products are used to prevent the build-up of scaling on the pool surface and the equipment. As well as, they combat against the staining of the pool surfaces; caused by the precipitation of oxidized copper or iron from the pool water onto the liner of your pool.

This chemical is very important for a proper pool closing. Trust us, you won't want to open up your pool in the spring to see scaling and stains all over your liner!


stain & scale




6. Chemical Kits

Ask your pool chemical provider if they offer Pool Chemical Kits! Often times, pool companies will offer a kit containing the key chemicals needed for a proper pool closing.

Talk about convenient! Our Chemical Kit can be used for both opening and closing your pool.





Final Thoughts

If you prefer not to opt for a professional pool closing and would rather DIY, we can't stress enough the importance of choosing the proper pool closing chemicals. We encourage you to stock up on proper, professional pool chemicals that will ensure that your pool is properly cleansed before sealing it off for the cold winter months.

If you require further instructions on pool closing, or would like to book a closing with one of our experts, we welcome you to explore the buttons below.



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