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Why Proper Pool Chemicals Sometimes Cost More – The Truth

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When it comes to enjoying your pool, cleanliness and water quality is extremely important. One of the most important factors in maintaining the healthy state of your water is the proper use of pool chemicals. Chlorine, pH increasers and decreasers, algaecide and more, all play a role in maintaining your pool's water health.

We have met some pool owners that, in the past, have looked to save a few bucks by buying their pool chemicals from a big name store. Unfortunately, this has typically caused these individuals issues with their pools.  This blog will dive into pool chemical prices and will further explain why it truly does matter where you buy your pool chemicals.

Avoid Pool Problems With Proper Chemicals!

  the truth about why proper pool chemicals are so expensive  


It is no secret that when shopping for a product, shoppers typically opt for the cheapest option. Although saving your wallet some damage is always favourable, there are certain situations in which it is best to select quality over quantity. When it comes to your pool's chemicals, quality should never be sacrificed; it will end up costing you way more in the end!

If we compare our pool chemical prices to Walmart, Canadian Tire, Costco and other big name stores, we look more expensive. The truth is, is that quality and cost sometimes become difficult to compare between professional pool companies and big name stores. Often, big name stores sell products similar to ours which are in fact comparable in quality, other times, they sell products with similar names that are in no way comparable.

There are going to be products that we know are cheaper elsewhere, Salt and King Size Pucks in particular, but fortunately for you, we have a price match guarantee!

Don't Forget, We Price Match!

A prime example of chemical brand comparison issues can be seen with our 40% 4L Algaecide. You may find cheaper 4L Algaecide at other places for a fraction of the cost, but they are not a poly based algaecide and are usually ammonium based. Ammonium based algaecides cause foaming and their concentration is very low, usually 5%, 10%, or 15%.

When it comes to treating algae in your pool, you will need the proper products or your pool will gradually "go greener" or take longer to correct; potentially ruining your liner and wreaking havoc on your once pristine pool. It is completely worth it to spend the extra few dollars on quality pool chemicals from a reputable store, as this can save you hundreds, if not thousands, in the end.



why proper pool chemicals cost more



Pool care professionals know what it takes to maintain a healthy pool. They understand that getting pool chemistry right the first time, every time, makes for happy, healthy pool owners. However, when using a lesser quality product, this can mean that it will take multiple chemical applications to achieve the right pool chemistry balance.

Trust The Pros With Personalized Service!

Our pool professionals will never buy a pool chemical from a big name store and neither should you. Using proper pool chemicals is vital to your pool's health and longevity. We see too many shoppers come in to our stores with horror stories and emergency pool situations due to them buying cheaper, less regulated products from big-name stores. Always choose a professional pool store when shopping for pool chemicals. A pool is a major investment and it should be treated as such.

Big name stores are still however, a great source for other pool items such as leaf nets, skimmers, etc! However, pool maintenance is something that these stores just don’t specialize in. In addition, it is not uncommon for a big name manufacturer to add fillers or diluents to their pool chemicals.

These diluted products do not perform nearly as well as the full-strength versions that you find with the professionals and it will take you much more product to achieve proper pool chemistry balance. This will end up costing you just as much, if not more, than what you would have spent shopping at a reputable pool company.


the truth about why proper pool chemicals cost more



The bottom line is, if you invest in your pool with proper, quality products, your pool will have a longer life. When you use cheaper pool chemicals, there’s more at stake than just water chemistry. Poor quality chemicals can ultimately cause damage to your pool liner and system components. Furthermore, lesser regulated chemicals can irritate swimmers' skin, eyes and hair. Yikes!

When you buy pool chemicals from a professional pool store you will meet their experts and will receive customized, personable service. This is a situation that you just won't experience at a big name store.

When shopping for your pool's chemicals, please keep in mind that what you put into your pool has a direct impact on it's longevity and condition.  Happy, and smart, shopping everyone!

Healthy Pools Last Longer!

  the truth about why proper pool chemicals cost more  


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