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Liner: Maple Leaf Series

Our Maple Leaf Series consists of 100% Canadian-made premium liners! Manufactured in Cambridge, Ontario ~ CGT Ltd. is a family-owned company whose heritage dates back to 1869 and is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year! CGT’s first pool vinyl material was made in 1968, making CGT the most experienced pool vinyl manufacturer on the market. Designed and made with excellence, CGT pool vinyl provides superior UV defense and are resistant to stains, fading, and chlorine damage. With propriety technology, half a century of experience, thorough quality control measures, and the finest prints in the business, CGT vinyl liner materials exceed industry standards.

Proudly Canadian, CGT Employs Hundreds Of Craftsmen And Women Who Strive To Deliver First-Class Quality Pool Vinyl On A Daily Basis.

CGT - Celebrating 150 Years
Maple Leaf Series of Canadian made liners
Maple Leaf Series of Canadian made liners
Maple Leaf Series of Canadian made liners
Maple Leaf Series of Canadian made liners

Canadian Made Advantages

Performance you can rely on. Experienced, award-winning craftsmanship.

  • Premium Quality
    • Ultimate UV Protection Maintains Colour & Appearance Longer
    • Superior Chlorine Resistance
    • Premium Protective Topcoat Protects Against Stains
    • Engineered with Anti-Microbial Protection To Fight Algae Growth
    • Puncture & Crack Resistant Ensuring a Lasting Liner
    • Made From The Highest Quality Raw Materials = The Perfect Fit
  • Canadian Made
    • Best-Selling & Most Award-Winning Liners On The Market
    • Experienced Craftsmanship Since 1968
    • A Portion Of The Profits Made From Our Vinyl Is Re-Invested Into Our Community
    • We Exceed The Highest Standards of Environmental Responsibility
    • Over 3.5 Million Have Been Installed In Backyards Worldwide
    • Manufactured In Accordance With ISO 14001 & ISO 900


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