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When To Replace Your Pool Liner

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Swimming season is coming to an end, and with the end of pool season, you might be thinking about planning your pool and backyard upgrades for next summer.

Many of our customers opt for replacing their pool liners as a pool liner upgrade not only refreshes and modernizes the look and feel of your pool, it works to protect your pool's foundation and extend it's longevity!

Although pool liners are extremely strong, after years of holding your pool's chemically treated water and countless swimmers, it will need to be swapped out for a brand new liner eventually.

This blog aims to outline the key factors to look for when finalizing your decision on whether your pool needs a new liner or not.





Like our skin, our pool liners will eventually succumb to sun damage!

The hot summer sun is proven useful for heating our pools however, the reality is, that the sun’s harsh UV rays will eventually bleach and weaken your liner.

Do not panic as sun bleaching takes years to occur in our Canadian climate! But, once you see your liner begin to fade (typically the portion of the liner that sticks out of the water), please take this as a major hint that your liner needs upgrading.

Your pool will literally show you when it is due for a liner refresh, listen to it!




how to chlorinate your pool


A lot of pool owners get into the habit of over-chlorinating their pools, and we don't blame them! It is always good to play it safe with a large dose of chlorine. But, how much is too much?

Often times when it comes to chlorine, more isn't always better. Think about what would happen when adding too much laundry bleach to your whites, you'll eventually end up with holes and worn out patches in your clothing!

Shocking a pool is sometimes very necessary, but shocking your pool unnecessarily will slowly wear out your liner. When this happens, you will know as the integrity of the liner won't be holding up quite like it used to and there will be fading!




winter pool damage


Here in Canada, we are no stranger to powerful winter storms and days of endless rain contrasted with dry, hot summer days. Due to our crazy weather patterns, various debris often make their way into our pools.

Tree limbs, stones, organic contaminants, and ice formations in improperly closed pools can all impact the integrity of your pool liner.

It is always important to visit with your pool after rough weather patches and remove anything from your water that is not pool friendly.

We also recommend that you consider a professional pool closing; if you are not yet a seasoned pool closing vet. A professional pool closing will prevent significant damages caused by harsh Canadian winters and will save you money in the long run!




dog in pool


There is no better visual than that of a dog splashing and lounging around in a pool. Puppy pool parties are growing in popularity, and we understand why!

As adorable as swimming dogs are, they do pose a threat for your liner.

Taking a swim can help your dog cool off in the summer but, if their nails aren’t properly trimmed or they panic mid-swim and try to climb their way out of the water, your liner can most definitely become scratched.

If your puppy needs a summer cool down in the pool, go for it! Just please take appropriate measures to ensure that both your dog and liner are safe.

We always encourage dog owners to invest in a doggy life jacket to ensure that their swimming pups are safe and to limit pool liner interference. A life jacket can prevent your pup from panicking and clawing their way up the liner.

If your pool does not have stairs for your dog(s) to access, we recommend that you assist them with their entrance and exit from the pool.

If your dog has enjoyed many summers in the pool and you have not yet made the above precautions, your liner is likely scratched. These scratches will slowly expand over time and can cause leakage; in this case, it's time for a liner refresh!





Everything, even humans, react to hot and cold temperatures by expanding and contracting. The same is true for vinyl pool liner.

Over the years, all of this expanding and contracting can create weak spots in your liner. Keep an eye out for these weak spots by feeling around your pool walls and floor while you are taking a swim.

If you are beginning to notice that there a lot of weak spots and areas with loose liner, it is time for a liner upgrade!




pool liner before and after


Humans, animals and inanimate objects ALL age. When we age, we become less flexible and sturdy, and more fragile and brittle.

This is also is true for vinyl pool liners. They become brittle over time, or stretched thin, from holding all of that pool water over the years.

The average pool liner lifespan is 5 to 9 years. If the liner is low quality or becomes damaged, the lifespan range will be less than this.

If your pool liner has been in your pool for 15 or even 20 years, even if everything looks fine, you may want to consider replacing it before the inevitable happens, and you end up having to address a leak and major equipment damage.




pool liner


Damaged liners can lead to leakage. Leakage can lead to major damage to the foundation and structure of your pool, your patio and to the rest of your yard.

If you’ve ever noticed your pool water level dropping by an inch or more per week, this is likely a leak and you'll need a leak detection service as soon as possible.

If you know how to patch a pool liner by yourself, you may be able to find the leak and stop it with a patch. Vinyl patches will last you a little while, but eventually you'll still need to invest in a pool liner makeover.

A new liner is beneficial for the protection of your pool structure, but it will also give your pool a facelift! Protect and modernize your pool with a new vinyl pool liner.





Rejuvenate your backyard retreat and get a fresh take on design with a liner replacement!

A simple liner facelift can brighten the look and feel of your backyard to take it from a dull and dreary atmosphere, to a retreat you’ll never want to leave.

We carry a wide variety of liners including full colour liners, full pattern liners, and patterned liners with borders, all of which come in a number of colours to choose from.

Match your liner to your landscaping or deck, or, try something different to make your backyard escape a true statement piece.

In order to choose the perfect liner for your pool, you’ll need a few pieces of information so that you can narrow your choices down to the best option for your pool's design.

Please click the button below for help choosing the perfect pool liner.



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