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Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2021

Advice - Patio

Let's face it - patio furniture trends and designs have changed BIG TIME over the last decade. From white plastic furniture and green cast iron to designs that would beat what you purchase for indoor furniture. But how do you make your space that wow factor? And how do you find the style that you want with all the practical functions you need for enjoying the outdoors? Read our blog below and find out what's in for 2021 and years to come.

Read our 6 steps below to learn how to make your backyard space your favourite place to be this summer


Style & Shape

Of course Resin Wicker is still ruling the industry with so many variations, thick, thin, wide, flat, round or textured. There are literally hundreds of options, but it really comes down to your personal style and preference. A thick racetrack weave is slowly losing its appeal. Round and flat medium weaves are still more commonly admired in the design of the patio furniture.

Sectionals still seem to be on everyone’s top wish list, but the practicality of them is not always ideal. You often lose the use of the corner space. Some companies have designed a corner custom fit end table as an option to make the sectional a truly usable seating area. Also, look for high top coffee tables. This is one of the latest trends in sectional design, and its moving to sofa sets as well. Look for sectionals with dining height coffee tables. This ensures you are comfortable AND can dine all in the same place.

Truthfully, the most versatile for most backyards is still a sofa or loveseat with a lounge or club chair. So many of our customers come in shopping for sectional, but a good percentage see the flexibility of having one or two sofas and loveseats with separate single chairs.

Sectionals are the perfect way to accommodate a corner or curved space, but don’t forget to work practically for your space and get the most seating for your budget!

Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2018

Colour the Basics


shades of grey

After being in the outdoor furniture industry for more than 35 years, you recognize new patio trends rather quickly. This year we are seeing SHADES of GREY. We wouldn’t go as far as fifty shades, but the options in the marketplace now are close to endless. Factories have consistently improved their techniques and are producing paint colours and finishes with so much variation and texture. Resin Wicker and Aluminum high quality furniture is getting closer and closer to the real thing.


What's Greige?

Newer to the market is a taupe blend frame, or a word that isn’t officially in the dictionary yet – GREIGE. This blend of Beige and Grey brings a warmth to some cooler gray tones and really places well in a large variety of back yards. Of course there is always the statement and classic black frame which still boasts plenty of popularity. Black wicker and a black frame are still a timeless choice that will live on for years to come.


We've Made it Black and White

If you don’t want to think twice about colours and trends, feel some comfort in knowing we have done that searching for you! Did you know that the Pioneer Distribution Outdoor Furniture Program is 85% exclusive? Majority of our sets are made for our customers only! We even go as far as designing frame colours, resin wicker colours and textures and cushion selection. We try to narrow down your selection to the most popular and most functional colour combinations so all you have to do is add your personal touch!

Greige vs Black and White Furniture

Then Add the Fun


Personalize Your Space

Cheer up any of these neutral frame colours with your favourite accent shade! Blues and Greens, Teals and Turquoise or Nautical Navies are all high on the trend-setter list right now. Reds are still the most effective way to add an intense pop of colour to your yard. But if Red is too bold for you – think about corals, mandarins, tangerine – all fun shades to work with and bring some personalized design to your outdoor space.


Mix it Up!

And don’t be afraid to MIX patterns. Stripes with a floral or jacquard, polka dots with geometrics. It’s all about having fun with your space and making it your own so you are proud to showcase it to your friends and family. If you have no idea how to decorate your space, ask any of our sales experts for help. They design and decorate all day and LOVE to help others with their inspiration.

Furniture - Mix It Up

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